The Lurgy

The entire house has been struck down with the lurgy!
Paint a big red X on the front door – we have the lurgy.

Hubby and Sydney were taken ill first – they’ve been rough since Saturday.
I thought me and Sam had got away with it – No such luck!
We are both now suffering too! BOO HOO!

How is it possible that while I have felt like death all day, I have got more done than I do when I feel well?
I was up at 6am! By 11am, I had done 2 hours worth of Ironing, put 3 loads of washing in, fed and dressed the kids. I then took both kids to the pharmacy to collect Syd’s prescription – this involved pushing the Phil & Teds Vibe over a footbridge – 48 steps up, and 48 steps down – EACH WAY!

How we all made it alive, is beyond me!

So there you have it – I am feeling rough as a badger’s arse. (Not that I have ever felt a badger’s arse, of course). Hmm, now I think about it, surely they’d be soft and furry? I Digress.

I need sympathy, soft tissues with balm on them, drugs and a sick day – STAT!

Mummies get sick days, right?!

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