Mothercare and ELC Press Day AW14

Last week, Syd and I headed to London to attend the Mothercare and Early Learning Centre press day. We live in Manchester, so it wasn’t a short journey. I am going to save the travelling adventures for another blog post though – I want to share some of the beautiful products with you in this post.

It is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of the Little Bird By Jools range of Mothercare clothing. I love its quirky, retro style, ans Sydney is often seen wearing it. She gets so many compliments, and it washes really well. I was very excited to hear that the collection will now be available in sizes up to age 8 – This is great news as Sam was in the largest size last season, so I am happy he’ll still be able to rock the Little Bird collection, too! I was really excited about seeing the new Little Bird range, and I was not disappointed!

My favourite piece from the collection (and my favourite piece overall) was this stunning dress…

It screams 1970’s to me, and I cannot wait to get it for Syd! I am loving this Mustard colour at the moment! I need to find Syd some Mustard coloured shoes and a Mustard coloured Cardigan so she can wear this dress when it’s colder. (Remember, this is the Autumn-Winter collection, so it’s not available to buy yet)!

Here is a collection of some of the other pieces I loved from the clothing collections. I took well over 100 photographs, and there is a LOT more to see – I just decided to narrow my blog post down to 10 clothing items…

Top Row: All 3 are Little Bird By Jools. The dress on the left has got the Mustard colour within it that I mentioned earlier. See… Those Mustard shoes and cardigan I need to find for Syd will go with this too! The skirt in the second photo (also Mustard) is really thick – perfect for Winter! I think it’ll look beautiful paired with Red tights and a red or cream top. I love the Cardi too, and am actually considering getting it for Sam AND Sydney – Yes… Matching Fairisle cardigans… I’m a mean mummy!! The Green skirt in the top-right photo has got braces attached to it. I think it’ll look beautiful with red tights and a red long sleeved tee. (One of the flowers was red). It’ll be a great Christmassy style, but it can carry through to Spring by pairing it with a different coloured top and tights.

Middle Row: These black Chelsea style boots will go with anything! I’m not sure if they are for boys or girls (or both) but I think Sam and Syd could both pull them off! The boots in the middle photo are lovely and warm. Sam hates his feet getting cold, so these funky boots are ideal for him. I love the fact they are a bit funkier than your usual winter outdoorsy footwear. The red boots on the right hand photo are beautiful! Sydney actually took her own shoes off and said “Syd…boots…mummy…on…” when she saw these! She cried when I told her she couldn’t have them (yet)! They are pull on Chelsea Style boots, with some cowboy boot style markings. The Black boots in the first photo are very similar in style, but the detail isn’t as clear on the other photo.

Bottom Row: The outfit in the first photo was beautiful! It was red velvet leggings and a ditsy style blouse. The red boots go perfectly with this outfit. The Black coat in the central photo is BabyK – It is button fastening and really well made. I cannot wait to get this for Sam! The skirt in the final photo is also BabyK – I love it! It’s a black tutu style skirt, with flower detail. Perfect for a Christmas Party!

So there you have it – 10 of my favourite items of clothing from the Mothercare Press Day!

We spent a LOT of time playing with the Early Learning Centre toys while we were there, too. Sydney took an immediate shine to the Rosebud Treehouse. This is usually £40 but is down to £20 in their sale at the moment. She played with it so much on the day, I’ve actually ordered it for her out of her remaining birthday pennies!

The Treehouse comes with 2 people, and the treehouse has a slide, swing, rope ladder, table, 4 chairs and a seesaw. Syd spent ages putting the people down the slide and on and off the seesaw. I can’t wait to see her face when it arrives! The Farm House set (in the left of the image) was amazing too. It’s not available to buy yet, but it included lots of animals and accessories. I think Sam (who loves animals) will love this set.

Sydney also spent ages playing with the wooden cutting food at the press day. She was really excited to see that our Goody Bag included the Wooden Birthday Cake she had spent so long cutting up. The wooden cutting food was much better quality than a lot of the play food she has already got. I think we’ll be putting some more of it on her Christmas wish list, too.

Syd was also given an Edward Bear as we were leaving. She has barely put him down since! He has been made especially to celebrate ELC’s 40th birthday! Syd has renamed him BOO and he has been getting up to all kinds of mischief. He even stole Syd’s apple on our journey home from London!

Needless to say, I am counting down (and saving up) for the release of the new AW14 stock. Thank you for inviting us to your press day, guys! We had an amazing time! It was lovely to put names and faces to the people I’ve been tweeting and emailing for the past 3 years!

This is not a sponsored post. We attended the event and received a goodie bag, but all words and opinions are my own.

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