Trendy Tot Thursday – Week 29

Welcome to week 29 of Trendy Tot Thursday (or #TT_Thursday on twitter / instagram). This Children’s fashion photo linky co-hosted by@ClearlyBex and myself.

If you haven’t taken part in #TT_Thursday before, I’d recommend reading thisintro post to find out how it works. If you’ve joined in previously… You know what to do! You can read, comment and share your own post on the linky below.

Last week, Tina from Trials and Tribulations of a Brummie Mummy shared her daughter’s fab leopard print outfit. The entire outfit cost £8.80 – including the shoes! TOTAL BARGAIN!!

I have mentioned my love of the handmade skirts Syd has had from @beebeesknees on instagram – They are amazing! This week, I am sharing Syd’s latest one. I don’t even remember placing the order for this beauty, but I am so glad I did! (Can I still blame my selective memory on Baby Brain now she’s almost 3)?!

Anyways… There it is on the right, in all it’s glory!! It cost £23.49, including delivery. I ADORE IT (As does Sydney). She’s wearing it with a basic white long sleeved Tee from Next and her Mustard Yellow tights. Sid got so many compliments in this outfit, it was unreal! (We were stopped twice in the Trafford Centre by people asking where the skirt was from). It’s washed well and I am confident it’ll last ages. The waist is really stretchy, and thanks to the twirly style, there’s LOTS of room for growth. 

Now it’s your turn…. Let’s see your Trendy Tots! Feel free to pop your link in the linky box below, and please do try to read and comment on some of the other posts – that’s what makes linkys work, after all.

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