The Morning After The Night Before

I posted last night outlining the issues Sydney has been having. (She is really sicky, clingy, grumpy, constipated etc).
This morning, I took her to see the GP, fully ready to do battle. Thankfully, this was not required.

The GP could tell by looking at her that Sydney isn’t sleeping as much as she should be. I told her all of my concerns and all of Sydney’s symptoms, and the GP decided to try her on Lactose free formula for a week. If after a week, there is no improvement, she will try her on reflux meds as well.

We have to go back next Tuesday or Wednesday so the GP can review Sydney’s progress and decide which path to take next. She said that if the new formula has helped, she will prescribe it for 2 months. Then we have to try normal formula again. If the new formula hasn’t helped, then we have to try Reflux meds, and if they don’t help then we will be referred to the hospital for tests.

I would like to thank everyone who has offered us advice, support and cyber hugs while all of this has been going on – it has helped – MASSIVELY!!

For now…. I must go and choose which of our Children’s books I will be reviewing for the first MotherGeek Junior Book Club Linky tomorrow. I hope you’ll be joining in.

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