HELP! Ideas Wanted For Making Christmas Gifts

As yesterday’s blog hinted, I’m trying to reign in my Christmas spending this year.
I have decided I am going to try and make some gifts for some family & friends.
(Usually my making something boils down to a photobook (expensive), or
putting together a slideshow of photos onto a digital photo frame (very

This year, I am looking for ideas on proper home made gifts.

BUT (yes – there’s a but)!
I should point out a few things:
1). I am hopeless on a sewing machine
2). I’m no artist!
3). I’m vegetarian(!)

So….. let me have it!
Fire your ideas at me for home made Christmas Gifts!
(Feel free to include links to your own blog posts if you’ve blogged
instructions already) – in case any readers want to try and make your
ideas too?

Brownie points if your idea includes Reindeer hahaha!

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