Recently, the guys at Little Tikes asked us to have a family games night to put their new fun family games to the test. Of course, being the big kid I am, I was more than happy to agree!

I didn’t tell hubby or the kids what was in store – I set up this and waited for them to discover the plan…

Family Games Night Announcement

Everyone was excited to see what was in store – especially when the doorbell went and I came back to the room carrying PIZZA!! Syd insisted on having her photo taken with the pizza – and one of the pans from the Crazy Toaster game – who am I to argue…?

We then spent the next hour playing the games we were sent – Crazy Blender and Crazy Toaster…..

Video Fun

Here’s a video of the kids playing both games – I recorded this the day after our games night!

As you can see, both games are great fun and the kids loved playing! During our family games night, we did, “The first to win 3 rounds” of each game…. I won and there was much sulking from the kids haha! That Gold Medal was all mine! (Did I mention I’m a big kid already)?

After we played our games, we all settled down on the couch with our divers and a bowl of popcorn and watched Beethoven 2. (Syd’s choice). There was much laughter and plenty of yawning from the kids!

I am happy to report they both slept well after our night of fun, and Syd has talked about it loads since. The thing which made the night super special for me was that Sam joined in so much. Sam has Autism and can’t talk. Turn taking and playing games is hard for him, so I was really pleased he joined in, and has continued to do so.

Here’s some more info about the games…

Crazy Toaster:

Crazy toaster has an RRP of £12.99 and is suitable for children aged 4 and over. 2 – 4 people can play at once, and you each get a pan and a placemat. Each placemat has a plate on it and different foods pictured. Inside the toaster, you put 40 cards, each with a different food item on. When you press down the lever on the front of the toaster, up to 4 cards pup out a few seconds later, and you have to try to catch them with your pan. Any you catch get put onto your plate. Watch out for the stinky fish though – you have to take one food item off your plate if you get a fish!

This game doesn’t require any batteries and is very physical! The kids loved it and it is a brilliant game to play when the kids need to let off some steam. It’s a perfect rainy day game, but definitely not a pre bedtime game! The toaster is very durable, but you do have to play “hunt the cards” after most rounds! We loved the game though!

Crazy Blender:

Crazy Blender has an RRP of £12.99 and is suitable for children aged 5 and over. The blender requires 3x AA batteries. Each player gets 3 cards each, and each card has 2 fruits on it. The youngest player starts by choosing one of their cards and saying the two fruits on it. They then put it into the blender and say “your turn” to the next player. That player has to put in one of their cards which has one of the fruits the last card had (similar to dominos but with fruit). If you can’t put a card in, you take another from the stack of spares. The winner is the person who gets rid of all their cards first. If any cards come out of the blender during your turn, they have to be added to your pile.

How Did We Get On?

Sam (my son) couldn’t really follow the rules, so we just took turns putting them into the blender. He absolutely loved this game! It is a bit noisy, so definitely not a game to leave in the kids’ bedrooms… Unless you want to be woken up at 6am by the kids playing it! (I am speaking from experience here – trust me)!

This game is also brilliant for getting the kids to let off some steam. Its great fun and each “round” is over in a few minutes so it’s perfect for kids with a short attention span too. It’s perfect for a family games night.

We enjoyed playing these games so much, we’ve bought them again to give as gifts to other kids! The Little Tikes games range is brilliant for encouraging physical activity and imaginative play – for kids and their grown ups too! I can’t wait for our next family games night!

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