It is no secret that I am not exactly a whizz in the kitchen. I can just about rustle up a Sunday roast or a batch of home made soup. However, I don’t spend hours coming up with new recipes. That is partly due to the sheer amount of dietary requirements within our family unit. One thing which has definitely been lacking from our household since the kids’ Dad and I separated is a decent set of pans. So when VonHaus asked if I’d like to do a VonShef 3 piece stainless steel pan set review, I was happy to agree. Read on to find out what I thought…

VonShef 3 piece stainless steel pan set review

VonShef 3 piece stainless steel pan set stacked up on worktop

With an RRP of £49.99 for 3 lidded pans, I was keen to see what made the VonShef 3 piece stainless steel pan set stand out from its lower priced competitors. I didn’t wait long to find out… Firstly, the pans themselves feel like incredible quality. The handles feel incredibly well attached to the main body of the pans. The feel of the metal is also superior to the cheap set of pans I’d been making do with.

Additionally, the lids fit securely inside the pans – there’s no irritating rattling. I’m left handed and was thrilled to see the VonShef 3 piece stainless steel pan set has straining vents on both sides of each pan. So us lefties don’t have to struggle trying to strain liquid off with our non dominant hand! The fact it has holes rather than just a gap means you don’t lose any of your peas or spaghetti when straining with the lid either – double bonus!

VonShef 3 piece stainless steel pan set review - close ups

Hot Stuff!

The thing which really impressed me with this pan set was the heat resistant silicone handles. Gone are the days of cutting because the tea towel almost caught alight on the gas hob. The handles on these pans have remained cool enough to lift the pans off the hob and strain liquid every time I’ve used them.

Stuff You Need To Know

Some things which I feel are important to note about this pan set are:

  • The pans are suitable for all types of hob – including induction.
  • The set includes 1x 16cm, 1x 18cm and 1x 20cm saucepan.
  • Each of the pans has handy internal measurement markers, so you don’t need to use a jug when adding liquids.
  • The pans are really easy to clean. I’ve managed to overcook pasta and boil the pan dry, but the pan cleaned up nicely with minimal elbow grease.

VonShef 3 piece stainless steel pan set information

The satin finish on the pans is definitely an added bonus. My previous stainless steel pan set looked stunning when it was brand new, but quickly became scratched and scuffed from use. This finish seems much harder to mark, so will look great stacked up on my worktop for years to come. The holes on the handles mean you can hang the pans up – if you want to.

My Thoughts

All told, I think this pan set is excellent value for money. If you’re looking for a high quality set which will last for years without breaking the bank, this is definitely a contender. I’ve been using the set for 2 months now and don’t have a negative thing to say. Finally, If you’ve found the VonShef 3 piece stainless steel pan set review useful… Why not check out my VonHaus single bed review here.

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