I was recently sent a Nokia Lumia 710 to review.
The first thing which struck me when I got it out of the box was the interchangeable back. It took me back 12 years to my Nokia 3210, and its’ interchangeable fascias. God, how I loved to co-ordinate my phone to my outfit! The phone sits very nicely in my hand, and feels more natural to hold than an iPhone in my opinion, thanks to the curved edges. However, it is very slippy. I have almost dropped it 5 times in the past 2 days.

The Lumia 710 takes a Micro Sim card, not a “standard” sized one. Your service provider should offer you one for free if you aren’t already using one. It was easy to get the sim card and battery installed, and the phone took around 20 seconds to power up.

Before I go on, I’ll give you a quick run down of some of the specifications.
I’ve just included the ones I think are important – you can view them all HERE
Screen Size:3.7 inches
Size:119×62.4×12.5 mm
Standby Battery Life:400 Hours
Talktime Battery Life:7.6 Hours
Operating System:Windows Phone Release – Mango
On Board Memory:8GB
Expandable Memory:No
GPS:Yes – Nokia Maps
Camera:5MP Autofocus LED Flash
MP3 Player:Yes
Video Recorder:Yes

I have been an iPhone owner for 3 years now, but before that I was a huge Nokia fan. The last Nokia I owned was the N95 8GB. I loved that phone, but once I had converted to apple, I didn’t think I’d ever go back.

I have to say, the Lumia 710 has started to sway me. Price wise, it is far cheaper. You can get some incredible pay monthly deals and it is less than half the price of an iPhone when you buy the handset on prepay.

Some of my favourite features include the amazing battery. After having an iPhone and it needing charging after 10 hours, it was a refreshing change getting through the day without needing to charge my phone. The navigation was also easy to use. I found my way around with ease and had personalised my home screen in no time.

The 5mp camera is good too. It has an LED flash and autofocus too. I took these 2 photos on the Lumia 710 and then used the phone’s “autofix” option to adjust the lighting as it was a dim room.

The Video camera does the job if you just want to record a few short videos now and again. In my opinion, the quality isn’t good enough to use as your main camcorder if you like high quality videos.

The Wifi connected easily, and the windows browser on the phone worked quickly and effectively. Websites loaded well, and it was easy to zoom in and out to view content clearly. I was able to browse, read and comment on a wide variety of blogs with ease, too. I loved how the home button took me straight back to my homepage – this was one thing I thought I’d miss when testing the Lumia 710, so I was pleased the feature was there and worked so well.

Email was easy enough to set up too. I managed to sync a Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and a POP account too. All worked well. Nokia Music was brilliant. I particularly liked Mix Radio, which allowed me to stream a large amount of music to my device for free (over my home wifi connection). The sound was clear, and it buffered quickly and smoothly. This is one feature I will miss on my iPhone. You can also buy music here, so you can listen to it whenever you like. Prices are on par with iTunes. You can of course add your own music to the Lumia 710 by connecting it to your computer. Speaking of computers, the Lumia 710 will work straight from the box, but you do need to connect it to a computer to download updates.

Messaging allows you to sync your phone with your Facebook account so you can chat to online contacts via your Lumia 710. This is a nice idea, but not something I used. (I found people popping up to chat really distracting when I was trying to work). I am sure plenty of people would love this feature, though.

Apps were easy to find in Nokia Marketplace, and the prices were clearly marked. The starter kit section was particularly helpful, and allowed me to download all of the apps I thought I’d miss from my iPhone. This included Twitter, Facebook, Kindle, Whatsapp, youtube and Radio. These were all free. iPhone favourites like Angry Birds were available, as were a selection of books. The book store is tiny compared to iBooks and the Android equivalent, but I am sure this will be added to as time goes on.

All in all, I am giving the Nokia Lumia 710 a huge thumbs up. I was pleasantly surprised by just how user friendly it was. The only areas which need improvement for me are the camera, camcorder and the book selection. The battery life was a huge bonus, and sending text messages, emails and of course making and receiving phone calls was a breeze. The navigation was easy to get used to and I loved how much I could personalise everything. I’m not ready to give up my iPhone 4s just yet, but when I am due my next upgrade, i’ll definitely consider a Nokia on the back of the Lumia 710’s performance.

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