If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know we love dolls, our allotment and geeky things. It’s probably no surprise then that I was super excited to be asked to review the Project MC2 Ember Doll. Ember is a new member of the Project MC2 team. She first appeared in season 2 of the show. Ember loves horticulture and growing things.

Project MC2 Ember Doll

I was really excited to finally see a brand which was showing children (especially girls) that it’s cool to be academic. I knew the show and the brand were promoting studying to our kids. So I was keen to see how the doll would live up to my expectations.

The Project MC2 Ember’s Garden set contains equipment to help children do a little bit of gardening themselves. The set is suitable for children aged 6 and over, and has an RRP of £24.99. Rather than spend ages describing all of the items included and how the experiment works… We made this video so you can see how our experiment set – up went…

As the video shows, you don’t get everything you need to fill Ember’s Terrarium with plants. You do have to add quite a few items (including seeds). Luckily we had those handy as we have an allotment. If you are buying this as a gift, I’d definitely try to include a packet of seeds and a couple of tablespoons of good quality soil too.


The Project MC2 Ember Doll herself is amazingly detailed. I loved the fact her red hair was multi-tonal and not just one colour as is usually the case with dolls. Her outfit was super funky and well made too. Ember’s eyelashes aren’t just painted on either, so her face looks great. I was also really pleased she wasn’t wearing lots of make up and had a natural beauty about her. The freckles were so great to see!

Project MC2 Ember Doll

Skinny Doll

One thing which I was really alarmed by was how skinny the Project MC2 Ember Doll is. The photo above shows her protruding collar bones. But the skinniness looks much more alarming once the doll’s clothes are removed. I would go as far as to say this doll makes Barbie look a little chubby. Don’t believe me? Look at these comparison photographs…

Project MC2 Ember Doll vs Barbie

Project MC2Before I saw the doll in the flesh, I was a big fan of the brand and the idea behind the Project MC2 brand. However after realising the doll looks so underweight… I’ve been left with a less positive impression. I can’t help but feel the message the dolls give out is that it’s cool to be academic – as long as you’re skinny!

I should add that our seeds haven’t yet germinated after 2.5 weeks. I’m wondering if we put them in a spot with too much direct sunlight. So we’ll try again soon & I’ll update accordingly.

In conclusion, while I love the idea of the dolls… Their appearance alarmed me enough that I wouldn’t buy this dolls for another child. Personally, I’d rather opt for a more child – like doll, which promotes education as well as being designed to look like a typical child. Finally, read more of my reviews here.

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