We were recently sent a Pet Parade Family Scooter Playset to review. The item is suitable for children aged 4+ and each of the 13 available pet families has an RRP of £14.99. There are 7 dog and 6 cat families to choose from. We received the King Charles Cavalier family (pictured below).

Pet Parade Family Scooter

Pet Parade Family Scooter

Included with the set you get: a Daddy and Pup, 2x scooters, 2x name tags, 2x crash helmets, a backpack, dummy and lead. I was pleased to see the set required no batteries and no assembly was required either. Always a bonus in my opinion!

Rather than spending ages telling you how the set works, I made this video so you can see for yourself. Check it out to see what my 4 year old daughter thinks of the play set…

As the video shows, it was a little tricky getting the dogs to walk or scoot across carpet. But they moved brilliantly on hard surfaces, and their legs move in a realistic way. The magnets which attach the dogs to each other and connect the dogs to the lead are strong enough to keep them connected. While also being easy for little hands to disconnect them.

My daughter is 4, and she has spent hours playing with her new “pet doggies” since they arrived…

Pet Parade Family Scooter

The name tags on the dogs in the Pet Parade Family Scooter set were very small. You’d need teeny weeny handwriting and a steady hand to write them on clearly. (Neither of which I possess, so our dogs aren’t officially named).

The joysticks on each dog’s backs allow you to “walk” your pet without the lead. If you push your dog forward, he will walk forwards. Change direction using the joystick, and your dog’s head (then body) will follow your lead. The pet’s eyes and tail move as they walk along too.

All told, we really like the Pet Scooter Set. They are good value and have provided hours of fun here. Additionally, you can also watch the Pet Parade Webisodes on their YouTube channel. Finally, why not check out more of our reviews here.

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