If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know we are big fans of Sylvanian Families. Last week, we received a surprise parcel containing the Sylvanian Families Friesian Cow Family. This is a retired set now, so it’s really hard to get hold of, which made it even more exciting! I’m not sure who was the most excited when we opened the parcel…. Syd or me!

Friesian Cow Family

Syd and I made this little video to show you exactly what was included with the Friesian Cow Family, and what the family were wearing:

Firstly, as the video shows, the Friesian Cow Family set is suitable for children aged 3 and over. Additionally, all 4 cow figures are great quality, and they are all dressed in super cute clothes. Finally, all 4 figures have posable heads and limbs, so they can all sit or stand easily on hard surfaces. (Deep carpet is a bit tricky for them, admittedly).

It took the Friesian Cow Family no time at all to settle into their new home at Cosy Cottage…

Friesian Cow Family

The set had an RRP of £16.99 before it was retired,. However, they are hard to find now, so you may pay more if you want to add them to your collection.

Syd has had loads of fun playing with them. She’s decided the Cow children are a little mischievous – they were stuck on the roof the other day…

Friesian Cow Family

This Sylvanian family are the same great quality I’ve come to expect from Sylvanians Figures. They are all built to last, and I expect they’ll be played with for years to come. All told, I’d highly recommend them, along with all of the other Sylvanian Families animals we’ve had to date.

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