Noddy Toyland Detective App

We were recently asked to review the Noddy Toyland Detective App, which costs £2.99 and is available to download in the app store and google play. It is aimed at under 5’s and was created by Kuato Studios.

Noddy Toyland Detective App

About the app

Once I’d installed the Noddy Toyland Detective App, I set about exploring the game so I could help the kids when they inevitably got stuck. It took me ages to figure out I needed to tap the iPad symbol on the bottom – right of the screen to actually start a mission.

Once the mission starts, you have to drive Noddy’s car (Revs) around “Toyland” to find clues. There are mini games to play as you go along, which help keep kids interested. These include swiping the screen to copy Deltoids martial arts moves, completing jigsaws which range from 6 pieces and up, making your own music with the pirate band and decorating Noddy’s car, Revs.

Noddy Toyland Detective App

How It Works

As you travel around trying to solve the mystery in the “who, what, where book, you have to collect 3 clues in turn. These are items hidden within Toy Land, so you have to drive around and searching for them. You collect stickers and paint cans along the way. You can place stickers on various backdrops when you visit Noddy’s house, and the paint cans are used when you decorate Noddy’s car. Once you collect the final clue, you have solved the mystery.

Noddy Toyland Detective App

Once you’ve solved the case, you watch your game back in a story book form. This video shows you my “story”…

Educational Benefits:

The Noddy Toyland Detective App claims to help children to build investigation skills by discovering challenges, remembering where objects are, collecting items, listening to what’s going on, thinking, and making connections. The creators also say the app helps develop language and sentence structure skills, as well as creativity through play.

My Thoughts:

I was really impressed with the app’s graphics and the smoothness of the app. There was no freezing or glitching at all during game play. I found it difficult to work out what to do next a couple of times, as there was no clue as to where objects might be. Other than the small thought bubble above Noddy’s head, you were basically on your own exploring the Toyland map, until you stumbled upon the required object. You could of course stop and play one of the mini games as you searched. This helped keep the kids engaged with the game.

The Kids Thoughts:

My daughter is 4 and used to love Noddy. She’s moved on to My Little Pony and Paw Patrol now, though. In the past week, she has spent maybe 10 minutes playing on the Noddy Toyland Detective App . She really couldn’t get into it. My son is 5 and has Autism. He liked the puzzles within the app, but got frustrated very quickly when trying to explore Toyland. Every time the car got too close to one of the mini games, it automatically loaded – whether he wanted to play or not.

There are some very impressive features within the Noddy Toyland Detective App. I love the time restriction feature – I wish this was something Apple themselves would include. Imagine being able to set iPads to switch off after 30 minutes’ use – genius! The Noddy App also boasts being Ad- Free. This makes the £2.99 price tag worth paying in my book. The kids drive me mad accidentally clicking on stuff in some of the other apps they love to play.

All told, I’d say the app is worth buying if your child is a massive Noddy fan.

Kuato Studio have a large range of apps available on ios and android, and you can view them all here.

This is a paid review, but all words and opinions are my own.


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