Sam is not a great sleeper – he is restless and wakes often.
In the early weeks, it was taking us hours at a time to settle him every time he woke up during the night.

After almost 2 weeks of next to no sleep, a friend suggested we buy Ewan the dream sheep,  as her son loved his.
We ordered him online, and he arrived within a few days.

The first time we used him, Sam went from crying hysterically to
lying awake, but content in less than ten seconds, and he was asleep in
less than the 20 minutes Ewan is on for.

Needless to say, Ewan gets a HUGE thumbs up from us!!

He isn’t cheap – he cost £30, but in my opinion, he is well worth the investment if you have an unsettled baby!
Sam is 7 weeks old now and Ewan’s lullaby still sends him to sleep every time!

Ewan arrives with batteries already installed.
These didn’t last very long, but all subsequent batteries have lasted a couple of weeks each. (He takes 3 AAA batteries).

His tummy glows a pink/red colour when he is activated – this supposedly simulates the light babies see when in the womb.
I’m not sure how accurate this is, but Sam stares at it like he’s being hypnotised!

Each of Ewan’s 4 legs have a button which activates a different
sound. 2 are womb-like noises, 1 is rain and the other is a lullaby. Sam
seems to enjoy the rain noise when he is grumpy and we are trying to
calm him down (but not put to bed), while the lullaby is his favourite
when it’s time to sleep.

Each time you press one of the feet, the sound and light are activated for 20 minutes.
This is usually enough time to settle the baby, but you can press it again to restart the cycle whenever required.

Ewan also has a very useful velcro tail, meaning you can hang him
from baby’s cot, pram, or even (as we did) your wardrobe door – LOOK!!

Out of all the toys/ gadgets Sam has, Ewan is definitely my favourite
(and his)! He has saved my sanity and made the past 5 weeks much

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