If I Worked For Graco

I want to start by saying I am not an engineer, I am not a designer and I am not a Health and Safety expert. I am a Mum. I am a pram user. I am human!

The point of this post is to highlight the areas I feel could be improved or enhanced on the Graco Symbio B as well as the areas I feel no improvement is necessary. (If it’s not on the list, it’s great how it is)!

There aren’t many areas I feel any improvement is necessary, but here goes! If I worked for Graco…

I would start by improving the storage ability. I understand space underneath she seat is limited due to the shape of the chassis, so for that reason, I feel Graco could improve the storage in other, less obvious ways.
Graco Symbio B Basket

Perhaps by providing a small pouch on the rear of the seat or handle to store the rain cover in so it didn’t take up the entire basket?
Maybe they could start including the Graco universal backpack as standard, so you have somewhere to put any bits and bobs you’d usually keep in the basket.
Graco Universal Back Pack
The other solution I considered is the possibility of including pram clips so you can clip your shopping to the pram handlebars. I understand this would run the risk of the pushchair tipping up if it was overloaded though, which is probably why they don’t use them.

My other idea for improving the Symbio B is a very selfish one. I love it so much, I wish there was an option to turn it into a double. I wish I could just purchase an additional seat unit so that the baby I am expecting in June could use the Symbio B too. I feel the ability to add an additional seat unit is one which more and more parents will consider in the future, as it is usually much cheaper to do this, than to buy a while new pushchair. I doubt very much Graco can make this happen in time for me and my babies to benefit from it, but I hope to see dual Symbios at some point soon.

The third thing I would change about the Graco Symbio B is not really an improvement as such – more a possibility. I love Colour, and get bored of pushchairs quite quickly. I wish Graco sold Colour packs so I could refresh my Symbio B without having to park it up and purchase a new one. The hood clips on and off the Symbio B, so if Graco could find a way to sell hoods, seat liners and cosy toes in packs for under £70, I feel they’d really drum up a lot of additional business, and keep us Mummies happy too. I love the Chilli Red Symbio B I have now, but I would be more than happy to spend around £50-£60 to replace the Red with an Artic Blue Colour pack, or even the amazing Boysenberry Purple Colour they already do.
Graco Symbio Artic Blue and Boysenberry
Everything else about the Graco Symbio B is already great, and in no need of improving as far as I am concerned.

What about you?
If you could change ONE thing about your current (or most recent) pushchair, what would it be and why?

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