I was recently sent a Lollipop Lane Carnaby Acti- Cruise Stroller to review.
Acti-Cruise is Lollipop Lane’s new range of strollers. There are currently Four designs to choose from.

I chose the Carnaby as I felt it had a really funky, “Mod” feel about it. I am a bit of a closet 1950’s fan – Well, anything Retro, really. I know most people would have opted for the black, neutral pushchair when both a boy and girl would be using it, but I am not really a believer in pink is for girls and blue is for boys.

The Carnaby arrived in a long, thin box, and assembly was really straight forward.
I had to click 2 wheels into place, attach the hood, grab bar, cup holder and seat liner, and that was pretty much it!
The instructions made this super easy, thanks to the real photos! (No crazy drawings here)!

It is easy to unfold and to collapse, (just remember to flick up the bar at the top, between the handles when collapsing)…!! I have included a photo of the Acti Cruise in it’s folded position, complete with a tin of tomatoes to help you see just how small it all folds. The Grab bar does have to be removed for folding, but the hood can stay in place. The acti- cruise isn’t freestanding when folded, but it does lock into a closed position. It also has a carry handle, so it can be carried easily with one hand when folded.

The basket on the Acti-Cruise is large – even with the rain cover in place, you can fit in 2 loaves of bread! The cup holder holds a bottle of water with ease, too.

The image above shows Sydney playing “peekaboo” through the viewing window. You can also see her in the almost flat lay position, and sitting up. There is a third position, in between the two as well. It is really easy to adjust the seat’s recline position too – it has a button on each side which you push to lower the seat, and you just push it up from the back to click it into a higher position. Sydney seemed happy in all 3 positions, and was well strapped in thanks to the 5 point harness. The footrest is adjustable, so she can get a decent sleep when in the lay down position – this is a HUGE plus for us – none of our other pushchairs have had this, and it definitely makes a big difference!

Sydney took to the Lollipop Lane stroller with ease. I expected her to
be a bit confused as she’s only ever been in a double, but she seemed to
love the funky design – she kept trying to touch the “targets.” The hood is a little on the small side, compared to a full pushchair, but it does an adequate job.

The hood and grab bar can be removed, if you prefer. I think the hood makes the pushchair look a lot more expensive, and it provides protection from the elements when your child is lay down, thanks to the large pocket on the back of it, which doubles as a wind breaker. Sydney seemed to love being able to fully look around her when she was sat upright without the hood on, but she wasn’t happy lying down with it removed. (You can see the leg support a bit clearer in the above images). It has two little buttons you push in to release the leg support, and you just lift it up until it clicks to allow your baby to relax in comfort.

I am happy to report Sydney loves being outside in the Carnaby. It passed the all-important sleep test with ease, too.
This is the one time Sydney was outside in it, as I usually use the stroller with Sam in it, and I pop Sydney into a sling. I find it so much easier to pop to the shops with a lightweight, slim stroller and carrying Sydney, compared to lugging a huge, heavy double pram around.

I have to be honest, I prefer a single, bar handle, rather than two handles, but you never get a bar handle which folds this small. I am yet to find a perfect pushchair, and this isn’t a problem as such, more personal preference. Remember though – two handled strollers cannot be steered with one hand. If you’re like me and use pushchair nap times to catch up on social media and emails, you’ll struggle to push and type!

Sam is the main user of the Acti- Cruise. He is only 17 Months old but he is HUGE for his age. (Sydney is as well, to be fair). Sam fits comfortably in the stroller, and the straps fit him well – as long as he isn’t wearing a big coat. He is just below 15kg now, so is on the cusp of the weight limit. He happily sits in the Carnaby, though. He loves the fact he can sit so upright in it, and that the grab bar is so close to him. He seems to have made a game of trying to get his legs over the top of the bar, rather than underneath it. (I am happy to report the bar has survived all escape attempts, and the harness has kept him secure)! Sam will nap in the Lollipop Lane pushchair, and seems happy enough in there.

The only issue I have had is that his feet aren’t under the rain cover when it is fitted. I didn’t manage to get a photo of it at the time, but you can see where his feet are on the images above, and on the raincover photos below, you can see where it stops… Sam kept kicking the rain cover up, and ended up with very wet feet and trousers. (As I say, he is abnormally tall though – age 4 clothes at 17 Months old)!

The raincover is included, but it needs a little work in my opinion. You can see from the images above how tight it is to the pushchair’s leg support section. It can’t be used when the leg support is up, without undoing the velcro fastenings, the rain then gets into the pushchair. As long as you keep the leg support down, your baby will be dry – as long as they don’t have long legs like Sam does…!!  – Thanks to my lovely assistant Truffles the rabbit for getting into the photo. Neither baby was awake when I realised I needed photos of the raincover!

All told, I do really like the Acti- Cruise. There are a couple of improvements which could be made – the raincover, and possibly being able to buy matching footmuffs (in the individual design, not just plain black). I would also love to be able to buy the grab bar, harness pads and hood in different colour ways (I am a bit OCD about stuff matching, and would love the option to swap the blue for the red on the Carnaby. I’d happily pay £30 for a colour pack with the hood (or just the back of the hood if there were a way to swap them), grab bar and harness straps in it. £30 for the new colours is much cheaper than a new stroller when I fancy a change. I bet LOTS of mums feel the same, too.

I would recommend the Acti-Cruise to people looking for a 2nd pram, or a stroller for use on holiday. It ticks all of the boxes on that front.

I give it 4/5.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the Lollipop Lane Acti – Cruise Carnaby for review purposes, but all words and opinions are my own.

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