Dear Weirdos Please Leave Me Alone

Today saw me head to the hospital alone for a morning of being poked and
prodded. I had my GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) at 8.30, then Anti D at
10.30, followed by full blood work. (Lucky me)!

I had my first GTT bloods taken at
8.40, so then had a 2 hour wait ahead of me. Thankfully I had taken my
iPhone to keep me entertained.

Before long, the waiting room got
busy. At around 9am, a couple came in and took the last 2 seats next to
me. To say they smelt bad would be an understatement. The guy in
particular looked like he hadn’t had a wash this Millennium. He appeared
to be off his face on something, too.

Before long, his partner was called in for her first blood test. When she got back, I was busy tweeting my disgust at their smell. She sat down and began giving her partner a full account of how it had hurt and she’d shouted at the nurse. At this point, the guy threw his head back (cracking it off my shoulder) and had a seizure. It was like an epileptic seizure but it only lasted 10 seconds, tops and he seemed fine afterwards.

His partner then began to tell him how he’d just had a fit and needed to tell the nurse. In the end, a nurse took him into a side room. (I think the look on my face made her move him. I looked on the verge of tears or puking)! After around ten minutes, his girlfriend was told to go and sit with him too, and calm was restored to the waiting room. If only their aroma had left the room with them. I could still smell them on me hours after he’d had his little episode.

My GTT test, Anti D injection and full blood work was a breeze once I’d got over the stink-gate incident! I’ll have the results in the next few days, but I’m not concerned.

I had left Hubby looking after Sam, and they’d had their own stink-gate incident in my absence, as well… Hubby had been forced to change his first EVER poop filled nappy! He looked traumatised when I got home, bless him!!

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