I am a Britax Mumbassador. Part of my role involves me testing products for them.
They recently sent me a Britax B-Agile Double Pushchair to review.

The B Agile Double hasn’t been out for very long, and it is exclusive to Mothercare. It has a RRP of £349.99.
It was easy to set up – taking just 12 minutes 56 seconds to build (including removing it from the box)!

Once it was set up, the first thing which struck me was how easily it turned – I was not expecting that!
The B-Agile Double claims to fit through standard doorways – This is true, but it is VERY tight. (Literally a couple of millimeters in it)!
Our white front door has a few dirty marks where I have caught it going in and out. I have got better with practice, though!

One of the main things I LOVE about the B-Agile Twin is the vast amount of storage! The basket is HUGE, and it is accessible from the back, sides and the front of the pushchair!
Round the front, there are zip up doors which allow you access to your basket when your kids are asleep, and lay down. For me, this was a HUGE plus. With all of my previous pushchairs, the basket has been off limits when the kids are lay down, asleep. You can see the zip up compartments in the images above.
There are also two large, zip up compartments round the back of the pram. This gives you even more storage space. You can easily fit a two litre carton of milk into each pocket.

The handle adjusts in SECONDS! There are two buttons on the inside edge of the handle, which you push in to adjust the height. I am 5 foot 9, and found it most comfortable in the middle setting, so I am sure people much taller (and shorter) than me would be fine using it. I really appreciated the handle when I took the kids across this bridge recently…

I found it much easier to pop the handle into the highest position and pull the pushchair up, backwards, then drop the handle back down before pushing the B-Agile down the other side – tipped onto it’s back wheels. (It’s always difficult pushing double prams up steps, but 49 of them at a time, with 4 litres of milk, a load of fruit, AND two babies is like mission impossible)!
I crossed this same bridge with my Phil and Teds Vibe when Sydney was much younger (and lighter), with no shopping, and my wrists hurt for days afterwards. I felt no pain after crossing it with the B-Agile double and all of the shopping I mentioned!

The seats can be independently adjusted, so one child can lie down, while the other one sits up. The hoods also adjust independently. The hoods have a cool, zipped up option for a breathable mesh opening. This allows more air to circulate, and extends the hood further to keep the sun off your baby. The rain cover still fits when this section is open too.

The B-Agile definitely passed the sleep test with Sam and Sydney…

This was taken literally 2 minutes after crossing the scary bridge shown earlier. The suspension on the B-Agile double really allows them to have a comfy ride.

We have used the B Agile in the rain a few times now, and the rain cover goes on easily. I love the fact it doesn’t take up your entire basket when it is stored underneath too. When the rain cover is on, you can still get into the basket and the rear pockets via the velcro openings round the back. My only complaint about the rain cover is that is doesn’t fit when you use the pram in travel system mode. You can put it over, but the front doesn’t reach down correctly, so it looks a bit iffy.

While I am on the subject of the travel system… Britax show the carseat attached with the main seat unit removed from the left hand side of the pushchair. (Like this):

I was naughty, and didn’t read the instructions fully. I attached the Adaptors while the seat unit and the hood were still in place.
It was a bit of a squeeze to clip on the carseat, but I managed it.

When I was reading the Britax website prior to writing this review, I realised my error and tried attaching the carseat with the seat unit removed – it was much easier!
My images below show the carseat attached with the seat unit still in place – Britax do not advise using the B-Agile Double like this!
(I am guessing it is because it was so hard to “click” the carseat into place).

Please ensure you remove the seat unit before fitting the carseat!!

It was really easy to click the click & go car seat adaptors into place, and a two second job to remove them – once I realised it was the LEFT hand seat they attached to, when you’re looking from the front! (Can we call it baby brain)?!
The B-Agile still folds while they are in position, too. (Make sure you have the left hand seat set up for your youngest baby – that way; if you are going to use the car seat, the older child can sit where they usually do, and you won’t need to adjust the harness.

The B-Agile Double is really easy to fold. Compared to my Phil & Teds Vibe, it is a breeze! You literally pop the brake on, fold back the hoods, push in a button on the left hand side (when you’re in front of the pram), then pull up on the two straps on the seats. It will snap closed, and lock into place. I always fold the handle bar over the hoods before doing this, that way, it supports the pushchair when it is folded, and makes it very stable when freestanding. The rain cover needs to be removed, and the basket must be empty for folding. To unfold it, you push the stay-shut lever on the side, then life up the handle. It will click into place when it is open.

The brake is on the right hand side of the pushchair, near the rear wheel. You kick down on the pedal to activate the brake, and kick it back up to deactivate it. This brake is not suitable for use with flip-flops…! The hoods are easy to open and close, and their movement is smooth. The B-Agile Double is really easy to turn – I can do it one handed without any difficulty! The pushchair is much lighter than my old double, and both kids seem comfy in it. Sam weighs 14.5kg now, so is almost at the maximum weight limit – he is really tall for his age, and I think his height is more of the issue than his weight – his head is rubbing on the hood now, so he won’t be able to comfortably sleep in it for much longer.

The B-Agile Double doesn’t fold down very small, but it feels much stronger and better quality than the really lightweight double strollers do. I think you have to compromise somewhere when it comes to pushchairs – you’ll never find a bar handle-umbrella fold pram, for example.

The wheels can be locked, or used in swivel mode, so it will adapt easily to all situations. It is great on kerbs, gravel and paths, but not very happy on grass. I’d definitely call the B-Agile a city or suburban pram, not an off road, or rural pushchair – you need air tyres for that sort of use in my opinion. Snow wheels are available for the B-Agile Double, and you can purchase a carrycot too (only one can be used though – not two). Britax also sell foot muffs and pram organisers for the B-Agile Double.

The Britax b Agile Double is great value at £349.99 in my opinion. I paid double that for my Phil & Teds Vibe, and I much prefer the B-Agile. It has more storage space, is easier to push, goes up and down kerbs much easier, folds much faster and easier, and both children cam recline fully to sleep. However, I would not take the B-Agile into a shopping centre. It is too wide for most High Street stores in my opinion. Not a flaw in the pushchair, more the stores! I couldn’t get the B-Agile into our pharmacy, as they had placed a hair care display stand behind the door, so it wouldn’t open fully…! Again, this is down to retailers, not the pram, but if you are anything like me, it’ll drive you crazy, very quickly!

The Britax B-Agile Double measures:
104x105x78cm when open
78x31x 72cm when folded.
It weighs: 13.2kg

It weighs more than my Vibe does, but it feels much lighter to push, and I can get more shopping into it.
The B-Agile is brilliant for walking to the supermarket. You can steer one handed to carry your basket, and there’s loads of storage space to put your shopping once you’re done.

All told, I really like the B-Agile double. There are a couple of things, which need addressing in my opinion (The lack of a rain cover when in travel mode being the main thing), but it is still great value, and brilliant to use. I would highly recommend it for people with one older child and an infant. It is suitable from birth, so could be used for twins, but only one car seat can be used at a time.

I give the Britax B-Agile Double 4/5.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the B-Agile Double to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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