Happy Birthday To Me!

My birthday is ALMOST over…!!
It has certainly been an interesting one!

As a general rule, I HATE mt birthday. Traditionally, something really bad always happens.
Since my 18th birthday… But I think I told that story last year…!!

This year has been different!

It started getting interesting at 00.40 when Sydney’s cot mobile (which was on) switched itself off mid cycle. Both myself & DaddyGeek were REALLY freaked out. A few seconds later, it switched itself back on again. The exact same thing happened about ten seconds later. At this point I joked, saying “Ok Dad, I get it – you’re wishing me a happy birthday – cheers, now pack it in!” Cue the same thing happening. The mobile stopped, then restarted after a few seconds. We were both pretty scared hahaha!

Sydney, on the other hand was giggling away at the disco in her cot!!

I then lay awake for ages, before the usual night time wake ups began (First Syd, then Sam, then Sam again. zzz
Syd and I got up at 7.30am (DaddyGeek had been up for well over an hour with Sam by that point).

We then set about opening my presents (I was well and truly spoilt!)

DaddyGeek got me a Lego SuperHeros set featuring Batman & Robin!! He also got me a pair of iPhone friendly gloves – HOORAY!!
Sam got me a custom made iphone case…….

Fab isn’t it! Sydney got me a Reindeer Boofle (Roofle)! He’s gorgeous!!
The kids also made me an amazing unwinding hamper, too!!

Complete with everything I need to make my own black forest hot chocolate – HOORAY!! Plus posh preserves, tea, hot chocolate, a “politically correct bedtime stories” book, bubble bath, choccie biccies and unwinding moisturiser!! I LOVE the amount of thought that went into this present!

I have also received an extra pair of hands from my brother (another set of iPhone friendly gloves) – anyone would think I never put my phone down… oh wait…!!

My Friend bought me a pair of Reindeer slippers – she knows me VERY well!! I also got cash, an iTunes card, chocolates, a gift card and my sis is taking me out next week to see Twilight – WITHOUT THE KIDS!!!!!

All in all, it has been an amazing day. I ended it by cracking open the Christmas tunes, and wrapping up the Christmas presents we bought today when we hit the shops!!

The award for the funniest birthday card has to go to hubby, who made me this corker…..

I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone (Even Daddy the scary ghost) who has wished me a happy birthday. It has been an amazing one!! (The first in a while which hasn’t involved morning sickness LOL)!

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