It’s day 24 of Blogtober and today’s prompt is X-rays and broken bones. Back when I was 13, I broke my elbow. It hurt – a lot! I’d love to be able to tell you a really exciting story about how I got hurt, but it’s pretty dull!

What Happened When I Broke My Elbow?

When I was 13, my brother and his girlfriend were expecting their first baby. I was very excited about becoming an auntie again. On their due date, I was on pins waiting for the phone to ring. It was a Sunday and I was looking after my disabled sister. I was sat in the living room, reading the Sunday newspapers and magazines. A nice collection of items I had read was building up at me feet. The phone rang and I jumped to up answer it. I slipped on the papers, and fell elbow first through the coffee table.

Who Was On The Phone?

It was my older sister on the phone – ringing to see if there was any news from our brother on the baby’s arrival…. I burst into tears and told her I thought I’d broke my elbow. She was at work, so couldn’t help. My parents had gone to bingo, and I was home alone with my sister. In the end, I went next door and cried all over our neighbour. She took me to the hospital, while her daughter watched my sister for me.

What Happened At The Hospital?

Once at A&E, they did an X-ray and said my elbow was fractured. It was strapped up in a sling and I was told to come back the next day to the fracture clinic. I did that, and they decided they didn’t think it needed surgery. It was strapped up in a collar and cuff style sling for 4 weeks, and then re-checked. It was healing well, so I was left for another 2 weeks, and then it had healed completely.

The worst part (aside from the pain) was that because I’m left handed, I was basically useless. My mum had to wash my hair, brush it, help me get my coat on etc. It was horrible. I had a week off school, then went back in. Writing was almost impossible though, so I had a pretty easy month at school.

This was 21 years ago now. My Elbow is fine. It does crack occasionally, but aside from that, I am totally better.

Have you ever broken a bone?

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