Happy Birthday Dad

I can’t believe another year has passed without you. I wish I could say that time heals, but it doesn’t. It hasn’t.

I still find myself reaching for the phone to share some news or a joke with you. I still think of you every time I put the kettle on, and every time I burn the toast.

People tell me Sam looks like me. He doesn’t – he looks like you. He doesn’t have my shape eyes – He has yours. We both have yours.

I feel like Sam and Syd have been short changed. They will never know you. They’ll never know how calm, patient, funny, cheeky and brilliant you were. They’ll never be told to “Get out of that without moving,” or see you throw an invisible ball up into the air, and catch it in a paper bag.

They’ll never be taught how to fish. They’ll never hear you sing “Championies” when Man United win. They won’t get to play Mario Bros. with you, either.

I will make sure of one thing though. They might not know you, but they will know ABOUT you. They’ll hear how much you’d have loved them. They’ll see all the photos, hear all my stories, experience some of your habits and traditions which live on through me.

I’ll be sure to pass on the things you taught me – including how to burn toast like a pro, how tea is best with plenty of milk and no sugar, and they already love motown. I’ve still not got my football mojo back though – I can’t watch it any more. It just isn’t the same. I will make sure they love Mario as much as you did, though!

Most of all… They’ll know that family comes first – always! They’ll know unconditional love, and they’ll definitely know the disapproving look! I will make sure they see photos of your dodgy hair styles, cheesey smiles and silly face pulling.

It has been red hot this week, and I have thought to myself a few times that it’s too hot to fish today… that wouldn’t have stopped you, though. I hope that wherever you are, the fish are biting. I hope you know how much we all love and miss you. 

Happy Birthday, Dad. Sleep Well xx

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