Bad Mum’s Club – April

Last night, I was pondering what to write about for this month’s Bad Mum’s Club. I had a few ideas floating around, but I couldn’t decide on one. This morning, Syd made the decision for me. So… here we go!

Picture the scene… It’s 10.30am, Syd and I have met up with Danni and baby E from itstartedwithasquish in Costa Coffee. Syd was happily inhaling two biscuits while Danni and I discussed the recent passing of Peaches Geldof, and baby E was asleep…

Suddenly, Syd started to scream.

I looked down, and she had got her head stuck in the back of the chair. She was screaming and going redder by the second. I realised she needed to shut her mouth to free herself, but Syd being Syd, well… she SCREAMED, and SCREAMED, and SCREAMED. 

I was having visions of firemen having to come and cut her free, while simultaneously having flashbacks of Ned Stark’s beheading in Game of Thrones. I was torn between laughter and tears. I even considered digging out my phone to take a photo. (My stupid self imposed social media ban meant it was buried in my handbag). 

It took me about 30 seconds all told to free her. I had to literally push her jaw up to shut her mouth so I could slide her head back through the hole. Lots of cuddles later, and Syd eventually stopped screaming enough to say “uh oh chair, uh oh mummy”. 

So… what is my Bad Mummy confession? 

Is it that I fed her biscuits?! NOPE.

Is it that I took my eyes off her for long enough for her to get her head stuck in the hole in the first place?! NOPE.

Is it that I laughed about it once she was free?! NOPE.

My confession is… I sometimes take photos of my children’s misadventures before I clean them up/untangle them/cry laughing.

I didn’t manage to get a photo of Sys stuck in the chair today, but this is an example of the kind of thing I’m talking about…

Surely I should have been busy rushing upstairs to bath Syd, not taking photos to show my grandkids in 40 years’ time?!

I don’t need to ask if others do this too, because at least half a dozen people have already asked me where the photo is! If you’ve enjoyed reading my Bad Mum’s Club confession, why not check out the other blog posts which have linked up?

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