Today, I’m sharing Christmas gift ideas for under 5s. Every year, it’s the same. The week before Christmas, I am panic buying loads of bits and bobs, because I have (as always) left my Christmas Shopping until the death. Add to that, family members and friends asking me what to buy my two, and Christmas is usually a big ball of stress.

This year, I have put a few things into place to try to minimise the drama. I have been bookmarking bits and bobs all year, and naming each bookmark after the intended recipient. It’s definitely making finding things for everyone a little easier this time around.

I also have bookmark folders for Sam and Syd, then when I suggest a gift to a family member, I change the name of the bookmark to who is buying that item – I find it a really convenient way to keep track of who is getting what. Hubby and I sync our bookmarks too, so we can both add to the lists and update them from our laptops or iphones.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Under 5s

I thought I’d share with you some of the items I have got bookmarked for under 5’s, as well as some items I have received as samples in the run up to Christmas…

Lunch Box and Purse

Christmas gift ideas for under 5s lunch box and purseNext up on my list are these two gorgeous pieces from the Sophie Allport “Woodland Party” collection…

Both the Coin Purse and lunch bag are made from waterproof oil cloth, so they are ideal for small people. My daughter, Syd is always asking for pennies, so she will love having her own purse. This one measures 10.5 x 9.5cm and costs £5.

The matching Sophie Allport Lunch Bag is insulated to keep food cool and fresh, it has a zip fastening, a carry handle and an internal net pocket. It measures 24.5cm (width) x 19.5cm (height) x 8.5cm (depth) and has an RRP of £15. I love the fact both pieces are wipe clean. Sydney will love taking the lunch bag with her when she goes “Digging” with her daddy (aka the allotment).

Music Box

Christmas gift ideas for under 5s music boxThis gorgeous Magical Music Box is available from Not Before Tea. It has an RRP of £15.95 and it really caught my eye because it plays “When you wish upon a star” – as a child, I dreamed of having a Jewellery Box which played that tune and had the Fairy from Pinocchio spinning around inside. While this Music Box doesn’t contain the “Blue Fairy” of my childhood dreams, the Pink Fairy looks very cute too!

Sam and Sydney love to root through my jewellery box, so I think this one would be perfect for them to share. (Who am I kidding? They don’t share anything, so I’d better order 2)! It winds up at the back, so like all traditional music boxes… No Batteries Required! There’s a small mirror behind the fairy, and a fairy design on the lid too.

Personalised Books

personalised books

We are all huge fans of Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman and the Snowdog – we’ve been watching it at least once a week for almost 2 years now. Sam especially loves it. We are also all bookworms, so it’ll come as no surprise to you that I have got this personalised edition of The Snowman And The Snowdog from PenWizard bookmarked…

We’ve had a few personalised books from PenWizard now, and the kids always love them. You can choose the name of the lead character, their gender and how they look. This particular book is available in hardback (£24.99) or softback (£17.99). It is worth keeping an eye on their social media accounts, as PenWizard do some good deals from time to time.

There’s a few others which I think Syd will love, so we may well end up with a pretty large Personalised Book haul this year! My nephew turns 3 in January, and I think it’s about time he received a personalised book, too.

Board Games

Board GamesThis year, I have been super excited about the prospect of many arguments around the table as we finally hit the Board Game age group. Sydney is 3.5, but acts about 35, so it’ll be interesting to see how she handles board games.

We’ve added 4 to our list this year, which we hope Sydney will enjoy. I’d love Sam to join in too, but realistically, I can’t see him sitting around waiting for his turn. Never say never though – right? He’ll love exploring the pieces, at the very least. We’ve added Crocodile Dentist, Hungry Hippos, 3D Snakes and Ladders and Connect 4 to the list. But I doubt we’ll get all of those.

I chose those games for specific reasons… Crocodile Dentist because you have to think about which tooth you want to press. Hungry Hippos because it’s a great game for playing when your kids need to let off some steam on a rainy day. Connect 4 because Sam loves shapes and colours, so I can see him spending ages making patterns and dropping the chips down into the frame for ages. 3D Snakes and Ladders because it looks super cool, and I want to play it.

Sylvanian Families

Christmas gift ideas for under 5s - SylvaniansSydney already has the Sylvanian Families Cosy Cottage Starter Home, but I was so impressed with it, I snapped up another one for my friend’s 4 year old daughter.

This set includes the furniture and 1 figure. So it is a perfect first Sylvanians set, and the RRP of £25 is great value too in my opinion.

So there you have it… Some gift ideas which maybe wouldn’t be the obvious choice for under 5’s. If you enjoyed this post… Stay tuned because there will be gift idea posts for kids stocking fillers, mums, dads and grandparents coming soon. Plus my Christmas Book Advent, and our Christmas Eve Hamper, as well. (Can you tell I am excited about Christmas, yet)?

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent samples of a couple of these items. However, all are genuinely things I love the look of, and would buy as gifts.

Finally, if this Christmas Gift Ideas For Under 5s post has been useful, check out more of my lifestyle content here!

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