It is no secret that I have been blogging for a long hime now. (over 7 years). In all of that time, I haven’t received a single blogging award – until now. A few weeks back,  Clearly Bex nominated me for a Blogger Recognition Award – thank you! It has definitely cheered me up being nominated!

What is the Blogger Recognition Award?

The Blogger Recognition Award is a lovely shout out from a fellow blogger (and reader). While there’s no fancy black tie dinner, or trophy to sit on my mantlepiece, I am still super humbled that Bex thought of me.

Blogger Recognition Award

Rules for the Blogger Recognition Award:

  • Write a post about your award
  • Thank whoever nominated you, including a link to their blog
  • Give a brief story of how your blog began
  • Share some advice for new bloggers
  • Nominate blogs you wish to give the award to – include this in your post and tag them on twitter
  • Leave a comment on this blog post

How My Blog Began:

Way back in 2009, I started a weight loss blog. I became addicted to writing about my journey and following other weight loss bloggers’ progress too. When I became pregnant in 2010, I had less to write about, and my blog lay dormant, but I still followed other blogs religiously.

Once Sam was born in 2011, I stumbled across parent blogging – I was a big twitter user, and some of my favourite 3am tweeters were also bloggers. I realised that parent blogging was the way to go, and set up MotherGeek when Sam was 10 weeks old. The rest, as they say is history!

Advice for new bloggers:

Comment, comment, comment! The more blogs you comment on, the more places people can discover your blog from! If someone is reading one of the most high profile blogs in your niche and spots a relavent comment, linking back to your own blog, they are likely to click through. This gets you traffic, potential new readers and the link also boosts your domain authority. Yes – despite what you’re told, no follow links will still increase your blog’s profile…. slowly!

Share on social media but don’t spam! I tend to share a new post as I hit publish, and then I share a blog link every 4 hours via a WordPress plugin.

Do not use irrelevant hashtags when sharing posts on twitter. The #BloggersRequired hashtag for example, is intended for finding potential collaborations. If you’re dropping links there, you’ll just be muted by people using the hashtag for its intended purpose. This means none of your tweets will be seen by people you may want to collaborate with one day.

Blog for fun! Yes, there are lots of perks to blogging. It takes time to build your brand though. Don’t expect to be sent to exotic locations when your blog is 6 weeks old (or even 6 months old). Don’t think companies will be sending you pushchairs and expensive make up the second your blog is live. You need to build a brand. Make sure your photos are great quality, be active on social media and DO NOT BUY FOLLOWERS!

If you want to get into reviews, start by reviewing items you have bought yourself. This was my very first review – as you can see, my style of blogging has changed a lot in the past 7 years!

My Nominations:

The rules said to pick 10 bloggers, but I have whittled it down to 5…. cos, well…. I only did a blogs worth reading post last week! These blogs all mean something to me, and are all blogs I love or have loved at one point or another.

So, in no particular order… the other bloggers I want to nominate (and their twitter handles) are…


Lexy’s was the first parenting blog I ever read. I remember throwing my guts up when pregnant with Sam, and reading this blog post and literally crying my eyes out for her. I decided there and then that I was never going to judge anything or anyone. I’m pretty sure I haven’t… Lexy doesn’t blog any more, but I still check every once in a while in case she’s changed her mind. Her book is amazing too by the way – definitely read it! Lexy’s twitter account is a bit of a ghost town too…. maybe one day she will bring it back though!

Me, the man and the kids

I have read Emma’s blog for a long while, and am excited about following her family’s new adventure in Ireland! find her on Twitter here.

Steph’s Two Girls

I have read Steph’s blog for a long long time too. I remember reading about Sasha’s Autism journey as Sam was going through the diagnosis process. It helped me a lot, knowing we weren’t alone! You can find Steph on Twitter here.

The Men…

Fork Mojo

This is my husband’s blog. He’s sharing his journey down at his new allotment, and I love seeing his passion for both growing and writing blossom. There’s a fair amount of health content as well as gardening. If you’re a fan of gardening or growing your own, definitely check it out! You can find him on Twitter here.

The Autism Daddy

was one of the first special needs Dad blogs I came across. It helped me to understand how autism is for dads, and to relate to my husband more. Back when I started reading this blog, it was totally anonymous. He’s let the cat out of the bag in recent years though, and now travels around America sharing his family’s Autism journey. You can find him on twitter, but to be honest, his facebook page is so much better!

So there you have it – 5 blogs I love, which I would nominate for the Blogger Recognition Award! Which blogs would you nominate?




One thought on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. I can’t believe you haven’t been nominated before. I’m guessing it’s because people associate these awards with newer blogs. For the record I enjoy both your blogs. Well done.

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