A Slummy Mummy Confession

Syd turned 8 Months old on Sunday. As I sat eating my tea, it dawned on me that I had turned into a Slummy Mummy.
My hair was shoved out of the way in two plaits (A hairstyle I have been sporting since Syd was born and commenced throwing up around the clock).
I was wearing maternity leggings which were so big they fell down as I walked up the stairs.
I was wearing the tent-like jumper dress, which I had stretched to within an inch of it’s life by wearing it through TWO pregnancies.
I was also wearing no make up.

Now in all honesty, I have never been one for wearing make up every day. I have really sensitive skin, and am prone to dry skin patches too, so I tend to look worse with it on. I am currently surviving on about 2 hours sleep a night though, so make up is definitely needed. I look grey, and my eyes look like they belong to a frail old lady. I may be approaching 30, but I don’t need to look like death, surely?

So… My question today is… What is your 1 life saving make up item? The quick fix which helps you look (or feel) more human?
Should I buy a good concealer? Or one of those caffeine eye roller ball thingiemybobs? Or should I buy coffee and bin the make up idea off, as realistically my chances of applying it are slim anyways?

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