Birthdays galore

This week is my busiest week of the year for birthdays.

Between 10th and 15th May, all of the following will celebrate their birthdays… my FIL, my cousin, my far away BFF (she’s in Fiji – lucky sod)! My mum’s BFF, my big sister, my other BFF and my auntie will all have added a year to their ages by Tuesday!

It’s insane! I just want to wish them all a happy birthday anyways. And apologise in advance for not joining in any celebrations. I’m busy struggling to stand or walk at the moment, as well as cooking a baby bump & entertaining an 11 month old!! Driving would be pretty silly on my part at the moment too!

But if you are reading this, (and I know a good half of you will do) I really hope you all have great birthdays and your cards are in the post…!!

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