Back in the year 2000, leaving school wasn’t quite the glamorous event it seems to be these days. We finished our final exam and… that was that! There was a meal arranged for pupils to attend, but hardly anybody went. Definitely no prom for the class of Y2K! I did my final exam on the Thursday and started my Summer job in a local factory the Monday after.

Class Of Y2K

I remember watching films like Grease as a kid and wondering if we’d be graduating and throwing caps up in the air when we finished our final exam…. nope! There was none of that! It was a rather underwhelming, “that’s that then,” kind of moment for us.

class of y2k

We did have an awards ceremony when our GCSE Certificates were delivered to school. However that was just like a school assembly with each ex pupil going up to get their certificate from the headteacher. I didn’t go to that either as I was working the night it was scheduled for.

There was no free ride through college for me. I worked from 8am-5pm in a factory in the school holidays,. I also worked from 5pm to 9pm two evenings a week and 8 hours every Saturday in a local shop as well. (Both during term time and school holidays).

It’s a lot easier to keep in touch with school friends now than it was for the class of Y2k though. Mobile phones were a thing then, but 99% of the time, nobody had any credit. Social media hadn’t been invented yet, and broadband was still a distant dream for most households.

Leaving School Now

My niece is in Year 11 now, and already stressing about her prom. I think maybe her GCSE’s should be higher up her priorities list, but prom dresses and prom car hire ideas are definitely her conversation topics of choice at the moment. Despite her school literally being a 3 minute walk from her house, she still needs to get dropped off in a nice car – not her dad’s taxi!

class of Y2k

Of course expensive prom dresses, shoes, a spray tan, salon applied make up, nails and hair are all essential too. (I can’t help but think my parents got off lightly when I left school – I got a £50 bracelet)! One of the school mums told me her 3 older daughters each had a £250 dress, £50 shoes, £100 to spend on salon treatments. They also had a mobile hairdresser come round to do their hair before their prom. Plus she chipped in towards the limo hire. That’s £500 for one night – PER CHILD! I know it’s a once in a lifetime thing, but still…

Making Memories

I heard someone mention a specific hashtag for their child’s school prom the other day. I thought this was a brilliant way of being able to see all of your Prom photos in one place online. There are other alternatives of course -this wedding photo sharing website would allow everyones photos to be saved in one place – and not in the public domain!

What are your thoughts on school proms? Did you have one when you left school? How much would you be willing to spend on your child’s?

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  1. We had a ‘prom’ when we left sixth form back in 1998 but it was nothing like the ones today, just a meal and a disco in a hotel wearing whatever outfit you had lying about, and we all travelled by coach from the school. It was fun, but I was going to Glastonbury the next day and had to leave at 4am so I had purple hair and didn’t want to be up all night drinking! I’ve seen the lengths that the teenagers around here go to and I’m starting to get a bit worried – I paid a fraction of the costs above for my wedding!

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