Weekend Wonderings

Monday to Friday, we have a really solid routine. The kids go to nursery part time, and we have plenty to keep us busy in between. When the weekend rolls around, I feel a bit lost. Sam’s behaviour tends to dip as his routine goes to pot. He usually sleeps badly on Saturday and Sunday nights due to this, and tiredness usually means grumpiness and tantrums as well as his usual Autism meltdowns. This makes it hard to plan ahead, as I hate letting people down.

Once upon a time, I lived for the weekend. Now, I basically hate it. All our weekday haunts are really busy, so it’s difficult for Sam to handle visiting them. Most of my family work at the weekend so visiting them is usually off the cards too. When the weather is nice, we can go to the park or such like, but now it’s getting colder, we’re a bit stuck.

Sam hates getting cold. He has a total meltdown if his ears get cold, but he won’t wear a hat or a hood. It means we can’t stay out too long on colder days. I’m really struggling for ways to keep us all entertained at the weekend now. Today involved breakfast at Tesco with my mum, then home for a day of wooden trains for Syd and I (which Sam hates), while he played on his iPad and watched TV. Sigh.

I hate being stuck at home all day when we can’t use the garden. (Our decking is lethal when it’s wet). In an ideal world, we’d have plans in place to keep Sam’s routine solid, whatever the weather. That isn’t really possible, though. Hubby usually has 1 day off over the weekend. We try to go somewhere fun on this day. The park if it’s dry, or a very early trip to Soft Play or Legoland if it’s cold or wet. The other day usually involves the kids and I meeting my mum for breakfast or dinner in Tesco – Not much fun for Sam and Syd, but options are limited as quiet places are hard to come by at the weekend.

Any suggestions of quiet places to go at the weekend which are Autism Friendly? (No  breakables, and lots of space is a good start lol).

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