My Birthday Wishlist

Next month, I turn 31. We are going on holiday shortly afterwards, so hubby and I have agreed to set a budget of £10 to spend on each other’s birthday gifts. I have decided to put together this list of ideas for my hubby, so that he doesn’t just go to the pound shop and buy me 10 random things! 

The first idea I had was, “Breakfast in bed”. This is something my crumb – obsessed husband isn’t a fan of. He says beds aren’t for eating in – Spoil sport! I’d love to have a tray with a cup of tea, some honey on toast, or perhaps a Pain au Chocolat (or 3) brought up to me on the day I celebrate turning 31. He could spend the £10 budget on yummy breakfast goodies, and I’d be happy! 

My second idea is something which I’ve been wanting to get for ages – A Photo Calendar. I have been admiring the Photobox family photo calendars for ages. They are usually £21.99 each, but I noticed this morning it’s been reduced to £9.99 now, so it’s within budget (if we exclude the P&P costs) – HOORAY!

The third thing I’d love for my birthday is actually free….. a lie in! If only hubby could use the £10 to bribe the kids to sleep past 6am. I’d be a super happy Birthday girl, then!

The fourth idea I’ve come up with is a peaceful cup of tea! I rarely get 5 seconds to myself during the day, so perhaps I could use some of the £10 to put Sam in the creche for an hour, then spend the rest on a cup of tea (and slice of cake) in peace? (I’d happily take Sam somewhere super fun after my brew, of course)!

Finally…. If all else fails, he knows I am always happy with CHOCOLATE! 

So there you have it. My budget list of birthday ideas. I wonder which one Hubby will opt for in the end…? What would you choose if you had the same budget for your birthday?

It’s DaddyGeek’s birthday in a fortnight – I’ve already bought his £10 present. It’s a secret, though, so I can’t spill the beans… Just yet!

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