It’s no secret that I love to come up with cool gift ideas, so I have decided to put together a list of quirky Valentines gift ideas. Some of the suggestions I’m going to share cost next to nothing, while others are definitely a treat and a half, for the recipient.

Quirky Valentines Gift Ideas

Whether you have a tiny budget or a fair amount of cash to splurge, you’re sure to find at least one potential gift idea below…

Tesalate Towel For Two

If your partner loves the beach, they will love Tesalate Towels. This ultra absorbent towel can absorb over 1l of water, and it literally repels sand. So this means when you’re drying off, the sand will fall away, rather than scratching up your skin. I love the size of these double towels too.

The Tesalate team gifted me a double Bohemian towel recently, and I couldn’t resist snapping it on my king size bed. How pretty is it! The Towel for two is folded into thirds in the below photo – it covers my king size bed when opened fully.

quirky valentines gift ideas - Tesalate towel

The Tesalate Double towels measure 60cm x 160cm / 63 x 31 inches. So this means they are large enough to chill out on the beach on the same towel.

Scratch Map

If the person you’re buying for loves to travel, why not get them a scratch map? The idea is, you scratch off the places you have been to. As well as this, the map looks stunning on the wall – much prettier than a standard map, covered with drawing pins! I particularly like this one from IWOOT.

scratch map - quirky valentines gift ideas
Image Credit

I love the idea of the recipient and the giver scratching off places they visit together.

Manly Man’s Gift Basket For Men

If your man loves more than one gift, check out Manly Man’s gift basket for men. The Coffee and Bacon Ammo Can option caught my eye as a pretty cool option. Of course, I suspect most British men would be using the ammo can to hide their secret chocolate stash, rather than ammo.

coffee and bacon ammo can

Engraved Padlock

I became aware of lovelocks a few years ago. There’s something so romantic about the thought of yours and the name of a loved one being secured somewhere forever. These engraved locks mean your names will be etched there for a lot longer than a permanent marker would be.

engraved padlock
Image credit

These make a cute Valentines gift but they’d also make a brilliant wedding gift as well.

Comedy Night

If you’d like to treat the person you love to a light of laughter, why not get them a bargain comedy night? I found this deal over on wowcher and thought it was brilliant value.

frog and bucket tickets
Image Credit

Sorting out a babysitter and a night of raucous laughter sounds perfect to me. I’d be really happy to receive this for Valentines day.

Cute Fragrance

I’m a big fan of fragrance, and this new range of Armani fragrance smells fab and the name makes it pretty perfect for Valentine’s Day.

With cute names like “in love with you”, “stronger with you”, and “because it’s you”, it’s easy to see why these will be popular Valentine’s gifts.

I hope these quirky Valentines gift ideas help you choose the perfect gift for the someone special in your life. Finally, why not check out this post on Valentines gift ideas for your man.


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