From Port Noarlunga Beach to Turquoise Bay, Australia is home to the best gold beaches in the world. Australia has about 22,000 miles of mind-blowing coastline, where you’ll find spectacular landscapes and wildlife. The white and golden sand, tranquil waters and dazzling shores attracted 9.45 million visitors to Australia in 2019, according to Tourism Australia. But before you plan your trip and book your tickets, make sure you apply for an e-visitor visa to Australia on useful sites such as The application process is easy and you can stay up to 3 months every time you enter the country. To help you enjoy a remarkable trip with your family, here’s a a family guide to Australian beaches. It contains a list of the top 7 beaches in Australia, so get stuck in!

A Family Guide to Australian Beaches

Read on to find out which 7 beaches are most recommended for families, when visiting Australia.

Turquoise Bay

First up, us Turquoise Bay. You’ll find it on the Coral Coast in Western Australia. It’s an exciting and relaxing place for any beach lover. Thanks to its proximity to Ningaloo Reef, you can admire the extraordinary wildlife, including over 500 species of fish. The waters are calm, shallow, and so warm. Swimmers and paddle boarders enjoy the soft waves, which soothe your senses. So the remote location of the Bay in Cape Range National Park makes it perfect for relaxation

Noosa Main Beach

Secondly, Noosa Main Beach is the most popular area on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The beach comprises turquoise waters, mesmerizing golden shore, and palm trees. It’s perfect for families because it’s close to Hastings Street shopping and restaurant area. The beach is also patrolled daily by lifeguards, so it’s a great option for families. Additionally, the climate is mild, and the water is great for surfing.

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Bondi Beach

Unsurprisingly, Bondi Beach is Australia’s signature beach. It’s an essential stop if you’re looking for an amazing time. To enjoy the iconic beach for what it has to offer, go mid-week. The sand is silky, the waves are smooth, and the scenery is extraordinary. At Bondi Surf Seafoods you can enjoy a snack after your swim. At Bondi Icebergs, you can savor a drink, while admiring the magic of the beach.

Bronte Beach

Bronte Beach is next to Bondi. So it’s the perfect place to learn how to surf. Children can enjoy a great time in Bogey Hole, which is a section of the beach enclosed by rocks. Swimmers can do hundreds of laps in the 30-meter pool, which is close to the coastline. Thanks to the huge green space, families can enjoy barbeques and picnics.

Family Friendly Australian Beaches

Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay is one of Australia’s secret wonders. You’ll find the beach in Cape Le Grande national park, next to Esperance. The sparkling turquoise waters and white sand make Lucky Bay a must-see for tourists. Also, it’s one of the rare places where you can sunbathe next to kangaroos.

Lucky Bay - Family Guide to Australian Beaches
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Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach is found on Great Keppel Island. Its secluded location makes it the best way to explore the Great Barrier Reef without being disturbed by thousands of tourists. The sand is white and soft and the water’s crystal clear, so it makes for insta perfect photos. You’ll also enjoy the wildlife, including kookaburras and beautiful lorikeets. Finally, when you explore Long Beach, you’ll come across a sacred Aboriginal site.

Port Noarlunga Beach

Tourists love Port Noarlunga Beach. It has clear waters, a coral reef, and amazing views. You’ll find the beach in South Australia, about 19 miles to the south of Adelaide. The tranquil waters and wildlife, which includes more than 60 fish species and 200 marine plant species. So this makes it a perfect spot for families to visit. Enjoy snorkeling, jet skiing, and swim in the crystal-clear waters of Port Noarlunga Beach.

Australia’s coastline comprises thousands of beautiful beaches. With so many places to visit, it’s difficult to choose which are the best spots. If you’re travelling with your family, check out Turquoise Bay. Its waters are calm, and the climate is mild. Noosa Main Beach is where you can enjoy sunbathing next to wavy palm trees. Bondi Beach is the go-to place for any tourist, so steer clear if you hate crowds. Next to Bondi, you’ll find Bronte Beach, which is perfect for kids thanks to the protected swimming area. It’s so much quieter than its neighbour, Bondi, too. Soak up the sun next to kangaroos in Lucky Bay – This is so cool. Why not explore the Great Barrier Reef from Monkey Beach. Finally, you’ll also love Port Noarlunga Beach’s wildlife and clear waters.

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