There are multiple talents in this world. A “talent” is something that can make you achieve your goals just by putting a little bit of effort. While walking on the road, you will see many people earning through their skills. Most people use their talent to make money, but there are some of them who use their talent in order to achieve fame. Many artists and actors have done the same thing and today they are popular in the whole world. If you have a talent, don’t be shy. Encourage yourself to take advantage of it. With that in mind, today I am asking is street art a legitimate art form? Read on to find out my thoughts. 

is street art a legitimate art form?
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Your talent is your skill, if you have a good voice you can be a singer, your good writing can make you a well-known author and a great gambling talent can make you win a casino games just like american roulette online. You would have seen multiple walls those are painted in a great way. There is also a talent behind it, a talent for painting. There are multiple artists that are famous for making amazing painting or art on the wall. A wall painting is also known as “Graffiti.” According to, cities like Berlin, Bristol, Los Angles, and Paris have the most street arts in the world. 

Is graffiti legal or not?

Graffiti is something that is seen by a huge population every day. No doubt, they enhance the beauty of a street or of any public place. But the main question that takes birth in every viewer’s mind is that this art is legal or not. Are also having the same question? Well, it is very clear that you always have to take permission from the homeowner or from any hotel owner to plan anything at their place. Isn’t it so? In the same way, for painting any wall with sprays or paints also requires permission from the property owner.

street art - is street art a legitimate art form?
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Performing this action without taking permission can cost you a lot. Even you can also get arrested in the case of damaging the property. If you are really passionate about designing the walls, you should be targeting the walls after the permission. Showing talent is a good thing, but it should be done in a legal way. There are multiple cases in which artists were arrested for performing illegal actions.

Who is the number one street artist?

The guy that we are going to discuss is now is a famous person, but in case you are not familiar with his name, so you are going to get a lot of information about him today. According to Wikipedia, Banksy is the most popular street artist of the world. He was a citizen of England and he has designed various walls in 1990s. You can also say that his active time was 90s that brought him huge fame. Banksy used to design the walls according to environmental issues and beauty. Each Banksy’s graffiti speaks deep words.


Street art is great way to become famous among the audience. Graffiti is not easy as it looks. It requires a high level of imagination and strong painting skills. Many cities like Bristol and Berlin are renowned for their street arts. Designing walls is a legal thing, but you should take permission from the property owner before making a design.

Many people were arrested in the case of damaging property because they haven’t took permission from the owner. Banksy is the most famous and the most skilled street artist of the 90s. People especially visit England to see Banksy’s Graffiti. Whenever you visit England, don’t forget to take a tour of Banksy’s painted walls. Finally, if this post asking, is street art a legitimate art form? has been useful, check out this post

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