A passion for video games is incredibly common in children, and it’s easy enough to see why. Video games offer them the chance to escape to a completely different reality. One where their creativity and ingenuity will be put to the test. What’s more, video games are also a helpful tool for teaching kids about patience. Plus the importance of practicing. After all, no other form of entertainment literally refuses to let a child progress until a certain skill has been mastered or task accomplished! With that in mind, it’s easy to see why so many kids want to make it as a game designer. So read on for some tips and ideas which could help them realise their dream.

Helping Your Child Make It As A Game Designer

Given the enjoyment that video games can provide… It’s no surprise that many kids will view their hobby as more than a simple way to pass the time. For some children, their interest extends beyond playing games. These kids will begin to wonder if a career as a game designer could one day be on the cards. If your child has expressed such an aspiration, then here are a few tips that could help them on their way to an amazing career in the future… 

Play games with them to help them make it as a game designer

It’s a simple suggestion, but it’s also an important one. Children who are interested in becoming a game designer will need to play games consistently. This is so they can develop the deepest possible understanding of games, their design, and how they work. Variety is definitely the spice of life here, too. Games of different genres and types will be very helpful in expanding their overall knowledge base. So try to mix and match whenever possible.

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It’s also a good idea to play with them whenever you have the opportunity. Especially as doing so should provide an excellent opportunity to… 

Engage in conversations about video games

Conversing about video games can really help to encourage your child to think about games from a new perspective. Ask questions about what they liked about the game. Such as: what worked well; and what they enjoyed the most. Additionally, ask questions about the problems they encountered. Plus what elements they believe could have been done differently or better. This kind of questioning will help your child to see games from a designer’s-eye view, rather than just as a player. This view will come in very useful if they wish to pursue a future career as a designer. 

Consider a coding course

Unfortunately, the national curriculum has yet to respond and adapt to the new wave of tech-based careers that are becoming commonplace. As a result, it’s helpful to encourage your child to partake in some of the best coding courses online to help build the skills they need to eventually lead to a career as a game developer. The sooner your child starts to learn the essentials about how games are made, the better. 

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Encourage them to start designing games as soon as possible 

As your child’s knowledge and understanding of how to create video games begins to grow… The best thing you can do for their future career prospects is to encourage them to start making their own games as soon as possible. Video game design is something that most people tend to learn by doing. While the theoretical side has to be studied, applying those theories is a trial-and-error process that should ideally be started as soon as possible. 

In conclusion

Video games have proven their staying power and are now considered to be an important art form in their own right. So it’s reasonable to assume that this exciting form of media will have a role to play in our culture for many years to come. This means there will always be a call for talented game designers. If your child wants to follow this career path, then all of the ideas above should prove to be beneficial to helping them achieve their goal. Finally, if these tips to help make it as a game designer have been useful, check out more of my geeky stuff here.

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