If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I am in the middle of refurbishing my childhood home. There’s still a LOT of work to be done, but I am making progress on bringing it up to standard. Today, I want to focus on some of my ideas for my new home office space. Read on to find out where I will be working from and which style I want.

Ideas for my new home office space

Our new home is a 3 bed semi. All 3 of the bedrooms are needed for beds, so having a dedicated office isn’t an option at the moment. So this means, I am going to have to get creative with space. At the moment, I am torn between having an executive desk in the lounge. The TV is wall mounted, so I could put the desk underneath it easily enough.

Alternatively, I could opt for having a desk in my own bedroom, or my daughter’s. The down sides to these plans are… Firstly, it will mean I don’t have space for a dedicated dressing table in my bedroom. Additionally, when my daughter is here, I won’t be able to work late. (She lives with her Dad during the week, in term time, so I could work late then).

Ideas For My New Home Office - desk with lots of storage
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If I opt for a desk with lots of storage (like the one pictured above, but in a lighter colour)… I could make it dual purpose and have it in my own bedroom. My laptop would easily fit into one of those drawers, so I could put it away when using the desk as a dressing table. If I stood a printer / scanner to one side of the desk, I’d still have plenty of room for a large mirror and space to put make up and hair styling tools, when they were in use. With all that storage, I’d be able to clear away all of my hair and make up stuff between uses too. So I’d still have a dedicated work space.

Lounge VS Bedroom

There are, of course pros and cons to using the lounge as a home office space. Firstly, when the kids are off school, it would be almost impossible to concentrate and get any work done. Assuming they want to watch the TV or play in the lounge, that is. Secondly, there would be no escaping work. Even when I clocked off for the evening or weekend, my desk would be right there, calling my name. It would make down time even harder to come by.

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Using the lounge would mean I was present when the kids were at home though. (I know that seems to go against my earlier concern I’d get no work done if they were at home). However, being able to hear what they were up to would give me peace of mind that I was at least “there” with them. If I were shut up in the bedroom, I’d feel very cut off from them, and have to stop work to go down and physically check on them regularly.

What Else Would Be In My New Home Office Space?

As well as a desk with ample storage, I’d need to make sure there was space for my printer, storage for a couple of business files, and a decent desk lamp. If I opt to put the desk in my bedroom, this could of course double up as a make up lamp.


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