If you read my blog regularly, you’ll already know I’m a special needs Mum. Sam is 9 now and Autistic. Life as a special needs parent can be messy and expensive. We moved into our new house in 7 months ago, and since then, his bedroom has been redecorated twice. The carpeted floor in particular has been a huge cash drain. So with that in mind, today I am sharing some flooring options for a special needs bedroom. I’ll discuss the pro’s and cons of various flooring types.

Flooring Options For A Special Needs Bedroom

Our new home is my childhood home. The carpet currently down in Sam’s bedroom was a carpet I paid for and had fitted in 2005. In December, I hired a carpet cleaner to get it scrubbed, and it looked great. Fast forward to July, and it’s got so many stains, I can’t see the original pattern any more. Toilet training is still an ongoing thing. I’m at the point where I’ve realised a light coloured carpet is definitely not the right choice for a special needs bedroom. So I have spent some time researching other options. Read on to check out the pro’s and cons of each.

Carpet Tiles

I love carpet in bedrooms. It is so much cosier than other options. However, it’s just not practical when it comes to flooring options for a special needs bedroom. Carpet stains can usually be removed by carpet cleaners, but some odours seem to linger, no matter what you do. So when someone said they’d got carpet tiles from carpettilewholesale.co.uk , I had to have a look.

With prices from 48p per 0.5m x 0.5m tile, it’s definitely an affordable option. Sam’s bedroom is 2 x 2.5m, so I could effectively carpet Sam’s bedroom with 20 tiles, or £9.60, if I went for recycled tiles! My thinking was, I could order triple the carpet tiles I actually need, then swap out any which become ruined as time goes on.

So even if I choose a premium carpet tile which cost £3.84 each, it’ll still be far more cost effective than replacing the entire carpet each year. I’d have to store them in the loft, but that’s not a huge issue here. I have previously shared my thoughts on carpet tiles vs traditional carpet here. The below photo should give you an idea of just how filthy Sam’s cream carpet got from Dec to July. This was despite almost daily vacuuming and each stain being scrubbed as it occurred.

Sam's current bedroom carpet - flooring options for a special needs bedroom

Laminate Flooring

I have laminate flooring in the lounge and dining room, and it’s already looking worn. When you have two large dogs like we do, it becomes scratched very easily. Add into that, the fact that spilt liquids quickly cause warping along the joins… It becomes clear that laminate flooring is not a good flooring option for a special needs bedroom.


I briefly considered having wood effect tiles laid as an alternative to laminate, but the fact they are so cold underfoot put me off. Call me old if you like, but I can’t stand bare feet on cold floors. Sam spends 99% of his time indoors in bare feet, so I quickly ruled out this option.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has many great qualities. Firstly I love that it feels softer underfoot than laminate does. Additionally, the fact it’s easy to keep clean is a great bonus. Vinyl flooring is available in many styles so it can even look like wood or laminate – if you want it to. The only thing which put me off this option is the one we have installed in the bathroom is slippy when wet. This could be a real issue for some special needs families. So make sure it’s non slip if you go down this route.

My Decision

As it stands, I am still torn between carpet tiles and Vinyl flooring. Sam’s bedroom walls were re-plastered last week, and I’m painting them this coming weekend. So once that’s done, I’ll make my final decision. I will, of course update this post with my decision then.


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