Being a parent is one of the best gifts in our life. We feel involved and attached to our kids’ life. We try to give our kids the best as if they are a part of ourselves. To help our kids remember their childhood, we always try to preserve their memories for the future. 

There are many unique and creative ways you can help preserve memories for your kid so that they can cherish their childhood when they grow older. We generally want to do everything for them and sometimes get confused. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things you need to do to preserve their memories.

Click Photos and record Videos

One of the first things you need to do is record them in some of their beautiful moments. Kids generally do a lot of stuff the whole day. They can get creative or get naughty. Record them when they are building a castle with sands or breaking some flowerpots in your home or when they are sleeping or eating. 

ways to preserve memories - photo canvas on wall

Creating photo collages are one of the best ways to preserve memories for your kids. You can use platforms like CanvasPop for collage prints, customize it online, and get the feel of those beautiful collages delivered at your home. Put them in your child’s room and your room. Going through those collages again and again automatically bring those smiles. Your kids will simply love going through those collages when they grow old.

Record the different emotions of your kids. They are full of emotions and quite spontaneous – record when they are crying, or when they are laughing, click their photos when they are curious for stuff and record them while they are playing and enjoying it. Picture them with their childhood friends. Record their first steps towards everything. Kids generally forget their firsts, but they would love to see them when they grow old.

Record or Write down their Popular Dialogues

One of the funniest and adorable things kids do is that they say a lot of the darndest things. They say all those cute things that bring a smile to our face. They do say a lot of things that don’t make sense and is adorable, just the way they say it. 

And every kid has some particular signature dialogues of their own. Record them with a video camera or write those things down somewhere. It would sound hilarious when all of you would watch them together after years.

Left-handed woman writing diary

Create a Quilt

It doesn’t take a lot of time to change your child’s wardrobe. They grow fast, and you’d need new clothes for them. What about the old ones then? Instead of throwing them, let’s get creative. Every kid has their favorite shirts, t-shirts, and pants – they might not understand it, but you do. 

Take all those clothes they love, or you love them wearing – like the one with the dinosaur, or with the joker or spiderman in it. Once those clothes don’t fit, take them and stitch them together to create a new quilt for them. Creating a quilt will save you a lot of space too. Use it as their blanket or their bed cover. They will love it when they grow older. 

Saving their Hand and Footprints

Saving all those tiny and adorable hands and footprints is another way to preserve your kid’s memories. You can also turn them into jewelry – like a chain, a bracelet, or stamps. You can also print them out and frame them. Using the print to create a new t-shirt or pillow covers are other great ideas. You can also keep their prints beside yours and keep it with you in the form of jewelry. It helps increase the parent-child bond.

Tracking Heights

Another thing we all do is track their heights. Kids grow a lot faster than you can imagine. You can use a wall and design a creative ruler to track their heights or purchase some of the beautiful rulers to track their heights. Starting from the first time, they learn to stand – track their height and mark them, specifying the date and their age. With increasing age, keep marking their heights along with the dates. Kids love them to watch to grow and would love to see how they exactly did.

Kids are measuring the growth on the background of wall. Girl power concept. ways to preserve memories

Gift them their Companions

Kids love having pets – like a dog, a cat, fish, rabbits, or birds. Pets too love spending time with kids. Gift them their companions. They can grow together and spend all the time together. Teach them how to feed the pets – this can help grow love and kindness in them. They would love to play together. Record such moments – you are going to find a lot of them. They are going to cherish those memories a lot when they grow old.

Birthday Cards and Letters

Gift your kids – cards and letters on every birthday. Write about all the adorable memories and 

express your feelings. Write about the gifts you are going to give them. There are professional websites and other platforms you can look for to create cards for your child. 

Or you can simply create them on your own. You can also draw pictures that would relate to something special they had on that particular year. Writing letters and sharing your emotions is another great idea. They might not appreciate them as a kid, but they will simply love them and cherish it when they grow older. 

Daily Vlogs

Creating daily vlogs is another great and fun idea. You can record them and talk with them in those vlogs and continuously address their future selves. Record their early and toddler years. In case you are worried that you might lose them, you can also upload them on your YouTube channel or your Instagram account and share your love with the world – you’ll find many such blogs over the internet. Show it to them when they get older.

Creating Artwork Books

Kids love to draw and paint. Give them colors, and they will show how to get things done. Art is a way you express your feelings and emotions. They can draw many such creative and attractive things. And you don’t want to lose them. Buy a separate book or stitch different pages to create their artwork books and preserve them – keep them a place safe.

Summing Up

Kids do a lot of things for the whole day. They can get creative and naughty. And you don’t want to lose those moments. You need to record those moments and keep them somewhere safe and show it to them when they grow old. There are a lot of creative ways to preserve memories for your kids. We hope that you’d find the article helpful.


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