I announced on my blog a while back that my husband and I are separating. Alongside that, I shared the news that I’m refurbishing my late parents’ house. The plan is that once the house refurbishment has happened, Sam, the dogs and I will move in. Syd has opted to stay with her Dad during term time so she can stay at her current school, so I’ll have her at the weekends. I recorded a before video to show just how much work I have ahead of me, so today I am sharing that!

The House Refurbishment – Before Video

So without further ado, here is my hovel, in all its’ glory!

More Information on the House Refurbishment

I recorded the above video on 23rd September 2019. That was 7 weeks ago now. In those 7 weeks, I have discovered the house needs the following to make it habitable…  A full electrical rewire, new boiler, new toilet (along with replacing all exterior pipework). It also needs new bathroom taps, asbestos removal, new exterior doors, several window repairs and some plastering. That list doesn’t include the new rear garden fence, decorating, or replacing the kitchen – (which will be next year).

Lots To Do

So yes – there’s a LOT of work to be done before we can move in. I used to watch a lot of home refurb videos, so was inspired to join in and create my own House Refurbishment – Before series. I hope you’ll enjoy following the progress I make, and embrace the challenges along with me. If you want to keep up with the refurb on social media, check out my instagram channel here. I have already done a LOT of cleaning, and will share a post on how that’s gone soon.

Time Frame

I am determined for Sam and I to be in the house before Christmas 2019. The boiler is being replaced as I type (14th November 2019) and the rewire and plastering are due to be completed by Friday 22nd November. This will give me 14 days to get ALL of the decorating and flooring done, if I want to meet my goal of being in by Friday 6th December. Wish me luck, and check back soon for another update!

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