One of the things I hate most about being self employed and working from home is… The complete lack of Christmas Parties. This year, a few friends and I have got together and arranged as couple of get togethers. These will help us to enjoy the festive period as much as office based friends and colleagues do. So read on to find out how I went about planning a Christmas night out when you’re self employed. Find out what we’ve arranged and how you can do the same.

Planning A Christmas Night Out When You’re Self Employed

When you are self employed and work from home, you spend a lot of time in your own company. Over the past year or so, I have made some great online friends who live fairly locally. I suggested to a couple of them that we get together for drinks before Christmas, and they both loved the idea. So this quickly became a Christmas meal, then some drinks. Suddenly, a few other local freelancers heard our plan and wanted to join in too.

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So now, there’s 6 of us heading out for a festive meal and drinks. When it comes to booking Christmas Parties, Square Meal list loads of local options, so it’s super easy to find one which fits your group size and budget. It saved me loads of time, and the fact it’s booked within minutes means the entire process was pretty much stress free.

Secret Santa

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a “Secret Santa”, so of course we’ve organised one – with a twist! We’ve set a budget of £5 each, and have to buy a generic gift. On the day, we’ll play Yankee Swap. How it works: Firstly, everyone brings an unlabelled gift, and all of them are placed in a pile. Next, everyone rolls a dice. The first person to roll a 6 gets to choose a gift from the pile and open it. The next person to roll a 6 chooses and opens a gift, but can then decide whether to stick or swap with the first person.

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The game continues, and each person has the chance to swap when they first open their gift. The final person who hasn’t rolled a 6 gets to open the last gift and choose whether to stick or swap with any other gift. Once they’ve decided, the game is over and everyone is holding the gift they’ll take home.

Collecting The Money

The trickiest part of planning a Christmas night out when you’re self employed is getting the deposit from people to secure their place. I got around this by literally saying, “Please send the money via paypal to me here by 12pm on this date. It’ll be booked at 1pm, so if your deposit isn’t paid, you’re not coming”. When you’re self employed, deadlines are a regular thing, so nobody took offence. Thankfully everyone who had committed to come sent their money over in plenty of time.

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