If you follow me on social media, you may have already seen our news. However, if you don’t… this will probably come as a shock. Over recent weeks, my husband and I have decided to separate. No one event has led to us calling time on our marriage, but we both agree things haven’t been right for a while.

Calling Time On Our Marriage

We tied the knot in secret back in 2010, and a year later, our Son had arrived. A year after that, our Daughter had arrived too. Since then, it’s been absolute chaos in our house. We rarely get time together as a couple, and our interests have changed massively since we got together. While I have become borderline obsessed with radio presenting, my husband has become obsessed with his allotment.

Our home dynamic has shifted massively and life as Autism parents has been trying for both of us. Neither of us have been happy for a long time, so I asked the question. We’ve had several deep conversations since then and the end result is, our marriage is over.

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No Drama

We have drifted apart over time, not had a massive falling out. There was no dramatic catalyst which lead to our separation. The time had just come for us to separate.

What Happens Now?

My mum passed away a few years ago, and her home has been sat empty since then. I have decided to refurbish it, and to move back there with Sam and the dogs.

We gave Syd the choice of staying with her dad in the week, and still being able to attend the same school. Or alternatively, moving with Sam and I, but she’d have to start a new school then. She has chosen to remain at her school and spend most of her time at her Dad’s.

As much as my heart is breaking at the thought of Syd not being with me most of the time… My head knows it’s the right choice for her. Both kids will of course always have a home with both me and their Dad.


Meanwhile, I am spending almost every waking moment either working or at the new house, trying to get it into a liveable condition. It’s a fair way off that, yet though! I’m working on the basis of getting the essential jobs done before we move in. Then improving on what I’ll have as I go along. My aim is for us to be living there by mid November at the absolute latest.

If you want to keep track of the refurbishment, feel free to check out my instagram account here. Alternatively, I’ll be posting updates on my blog too.


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