Dear so and so – Terrible Service At Pizza Hut

Dear So & So – I just want to tell the world how awful our recent visit to Pizza Hut was, so people can make an informed decision about visiting.

I spotted an advert online this week saying the Pizza Hut Happy Hour deal is back on. £6 all in between 3-5pm on weekdays, and you get an 11 inch pizza (or Pasta), side order, unlimited refill drinks, unlimited Salad & the option to pay £1 more for Ice Cream Factory. I thought it was a pretty good deal, so dragged hubby (and the baby) over to the Trafford Centre restaurant at 3.45pm on Friday (20th April).

The restaurant was very quiet, and we were shown to a table. The Waiter left the menus, then disappeared for ten minutes. When he returned, he took our drinks orders. Upon his return, he asked if we were ready to order. I told him we’d both like the Happy Hour Menu. The waiter (who wasn’t wearing a name badge) told me the offer ended months ago. I tried to explain it was back on their website now and he told me they weren’t doing it. I told him I’d checked the T&Cs and it didn’t say some restaurants weren’t participating in the offer, but that the price may vary. When he refused to listen, I asked to speak to the manager, at which he said there wasn’t one available & started rhyming off other promotions.

In the end, we ordered something else. It arrived, and when it did, DaddyGeek’s glass was almost empty. He was not offered a free refill (supposedly included). Before he’d finished 1 slice of pizza, his glass was empty. After his glass sitting there empty for ten minutes, I shouted another waiter to ask for a refill – he obliged.

The food was average quality. Nothing special and I have had nicer Supermarket Pizzas. When we had finished, nobody cleared our table. Nobody asked if we wanted dessert. Nobody asked if we wanted any more drinks. In fact, nobody asked anything. I had to shout (again) to get another waiter’s attention to ask for the bill.

In his defence, this waiter was lovely. He made conversation, he talked to the baby, he was polite and courteous and genuinely seemed like a great waiter. (I hadn’t seen “Our” waiter since he had taken our food orders).

All in all, we spent more than we had intended to, we didn’t get the side orders or the desserts we were expecting, and the service was very poor. I have received far superior service in restaurants with half the staff and twice the customers.

Needless to say, we won’t be back.

I am posting this as a blog so people can make an informed decision before visiting Pizza Hut based on an offer or promotion. They seem to make it up as they go along, and they certainly don’t care if you can show them “proof” of the promotion you’re looking to benefit from.

I am sure plenty of people have had great experiences in Pizza Hut, and to be honest, I hoped I would be one of them. As it goes, I feel I am forced to go back to the old chestnut… You get what you pay for! Pizza Express might be twice the price, but it is twice as nice too! Both in terms of food and service.

Sorry Pizza Hut, but you’re well and truly off my Christmas Card list!

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