Exactly one week before Sam was born, we swapped our beautiful “pre-kids” car for a Vauxhall Insignia – AKA… “A family car”! That was almost 7 years ago now, and things have changed massively since then. With that in mind, today I am sharing our experience so far with choosing a new family car. We now have 2 Boxer Dogs, a 5 year old daughter and a 6 year old son who has Autism. Sam really struggles in the car, and has to wear a special harness to keep him and everyone else safe when he has a meltdown. This makes getting Sam in and out of the car really difficult – especially when parked in a standard parking bay.

Choosing A New Family Car

After much debate (OK I insisted as it’s me who has to put my back out getting Sam in and out of the car)… We’ve decided only a 7 seater car with sliding doors will do. This means our options are the Ford Grand C-Max or the Volkswagen Sharan.

Choosing A New Family Car

The 7 seats would mean we could drop the back seats down and fit a crate for the dogs in the boot, and still have plenty of room for Sam’s buggy. Of the two cars, I think the Grand C-Max is the best value.

We have been for a few test drives etc, and are now looking at the most cost effective way to purchase one. It will be our only family car, so we can part exchange ours for around a £4000 deposit. While looking for retailers online, we stumbled across yes-lease.co.uk who have some fab deals on personal lease hire. We had never really considered leasing before, but after almost skinning ourselves to pay the finance on our current car, which is now worth over £10,000 less than we paid is a bit depressing – especially when you factor in all we’ve paid out in repairs, MOT’s, Services etc. One thing which really appeals to me about leasing is the fact your warranty, breakdown cover, road tax and delivery fees are all included. If you shop around, some of the leases available have servicing and MOT’s included as well.

Now What?

We have picked the car we want, but now we have to decide which model. Hubby’s arthritis makes manual gears painful during a flare up, so he’d prefer an automatic transmission. I’ve always had petrol, and am reluctant to switch to diesel – Mostly because I’m a sleep deprived mess, and know I’ll probably put the wrong fuel in the car! You can’t get automatic unless you opt for Diesel though, so I think I’ll have to let hubby win that argument – on condition he does all the refuelling.

I think we will have to do some more shopping around before we finally decide how to proceed, but at least now we know we want a Ford Grand C-Max, with an Automatic transmission.

Now it’s over to you…. Have you got one? Do you know someone who has? I’d love to know what you think.


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