We’ve had Monty for 5 months now, and Minnie for 3 months, so I figured it was time to share a doggy update.┬áMonty is now 8 months old, and Minnie is 5 Months old. They have got MUCH bigger and are eating us out of house and home. (Literally)! They’ve chewed through more wood than I can keep track of, and Minnie is determined to dig to freedom underneath the garden fence.

Doggy Update

In between their puppy shenanigans, they are amazing though. I won’t lie – Boxer puppies are VERY hard work. They need a lot of exercise and hate to be left alone. (I am typing this on my laptop. Monty has his head resting on my lap & my laptop is teetering perilously on my knee, with only my wrists stopping it falling to the floor). Don’t believe me? Here’s proof…!

Doggy Update - Monty's head resting on my laptop

Minnie is just out of shot, lay on top of Monty, with her head on my shoulder. Boxers are real people puppies – no such thing as “Me time” when they are at home with you.

Boxers Need To Feel Loved!

In the spirit of a warts n all Doggy update, I need to confess that honestly… I love how affectionate and clingy they are. However, their need to sleep with us, follow us to the bathroom, be within our line of sight could easily be too much for some people. Monty is a barker, and it does get frustrating when he’s barking his head off at stuff you can’t control… (Like a car driving by the house). The pups spend a good 12 hours a day being absolute hyperactive nuisances too…

They Never Stop!

Minnie has amazing recall and is able to walk off her lead whenever we are away from roads. She will wait when asked, knows not to jump up at people and comes back whenever I shout her. Monty on the other hand….. is a law unto himself! He is no longer allowed off his lead after an incident in the park just before Christmas. I’ll let Monty tell you what happened…

I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise that Monty starts puppy school at the end of the month. We’ve opted for the local Dogs Trust one. I’ll let you know how that goes at a later date.


Minnie has been scratching her ears a lot, and her poos were gross, so we’ve switched her to hypoallergenic food now. So far, she seems to be doing better. Fingers crossed she continues to improve & is itch free soon.

I’ve spent hours and hours training them both, and they can both sit, high 5, give paw, wait and know that No means no. Minnie listens to me 99% of the time but Monty isn’t anywhere near as obedient – yet! I still manage to get quite a few cute photos of them like this, when telling them to “Wait” at treat o’clock….

doggy update, both sitting and waiting nicely!

The struggle to keep the kitchen floor clean is an ongoing battle. Seriously… we must mop it 9x a day, every day – more if it’s raining! It’s got to the point where I’ve been researching floor scrubbers. Click here to see the ones I have shortlisted!

Boxer Pups Aren’t Easy

Honestly… I’d advise anyone to think long and hard before getting a Boxer Pup… They need a LOT of exercise, hate being alone, can pull me round the park without breaking a sweat. (This is no mean feat – I’m not exactly petit). They love to jump up at every stranger they meet, which can be a challenge…! They cost a lot to feed and insure, and will almost certainly destroy half of your house.

BUT if you have read all of that and think you can handle it… Boxers are THE most loyal, loving and affectionate day you’ll ever meet. If you decide a Boxer is the dog for you, PLEASE try to adopt! We bought Monty as we knew we needed a pup due to Sam’s autism. However, Minnie is a rescue from Joey’s Legacy. There’s plenty of other Boxer Charities around though, so please check google out if you want to add a bundle of chaos to your family.

Finally, you can find more of the dogs’ shenanigans here.



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