Like a lot of other parents around the UK, I am busy de-cluttering after Christmas. Our January started with us taking down the Christmas Decorations and then finding homes for all of the new toys the kids got for Christmas. Seriously – when will we learn not to buy the kids so many toys?

De-cluttering after Christmas prep

We had tried to get ahead of the game this year, and had binned around 5 bags of broken toys before the Christmas Tree was even up. We took another 3 bags to the charity shop as well. This freed up some space in the Ottoman boxes we already have scattered around the house to hide toys in.

We got those last year from Argos, and they definitely help keep the house look less cluttered with toys. At £20 each, they don’t break the bank, and I love that they double up as seats and / or playing surfaces for the kids.

We have one of these by the front door to put shoes in, one on the middle landing of our town house for toys, another in the Lounge for toys and one on the top landing for toys as well. They blend in with the decor, so aren’t a huge eyesore. They are a godsend when you’re de-cluttering after Christmas

It didn’t go to plan

It’s January now, and we still had a lot of clutter left around though. Particularly books, as Syd got so many. We got her 2 of these storage cubes from The Range and 4 drawers for each unit.

She now has sufficient storage space for her new toys, AND somewhere to put her books. They fit perfectly in her room and look much more expensive than they were. At £45 each, they are a fab option for extra storage – especially if you want removable drawers too. We picked up baskets to fit it in store – they were 2 for £4.

We still have a lot of toys hanging around downstairs, but these are played with frequently. I think it’ll be a good 6+ years before we get a toy-clutter free home again, so I have learnt to live with the toys. That doesn’t stop me getting annoyed at other sources of clutter, though…

The Kitchen

I spent one day last week going through my kitchen cupboards and getting rid of all the broken and unused bits and bobs we’ve collected over the past 9 years. We had 7 frying pans – SERIOUSLY… who needs so many? Most were old ones that had started to lose their non stick coating, so they all went to the tip. A huge de-cluttering after Christmas win, for me!

We also had a severe Tupperware lid to tub ratio malfunction, so I spent ages pairing up lids and tubs, then binned all of the lids, which no longer had tubs to cover – that job was particularly cathartic!

The Landing

On the landing, the laundry basket is my biggest bugbear. It’s usually overflowing and looks a mess. I’m still shopping around for an alternative storage solution for it, but I keep going back to look at this beauty which I spotted on a while back. It’s soooo pretty – Don’t you think? It’s definitely a feature piece, with a price tag to match. I think once the puppies have grown out of chewing furniture, I’ll be considering investing in one. In an ideal world, I’d have a darks and lights laundry basket rather than one huge one like I have now.

There’s loads of amazing pieces available, so if you’re looking for a feature piece for your room, it’s worth having a look.

What’s Left?

That’s as far as we’ve got for now. My next job is to sort out the coat cupboard – I swear, there’s more junk in there than there is down at the tip right now. It’s going to be a long process!

Are you having problems de-cluttering your home, or are you living in a clutter – free haven? I’d love to hear your tips and ideas if you have any to share.

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