When you’re stuck at home with kids, having a garden which is both safe and functional is a must. When the sun is shining, anyway! If you read my blog often… You’ll already know I moved into my very run down childhood home at the end of last year. I have already shared how the house needs a LOT of work to bring it up to decent standard. To date, I haven’t really mentioned the gardens though. So with that in mind, today I’m sharing how I’ve got on with updating the front garden on a budget. Find out what I’ve done and what’s left on the to do list.

Updating The Front Garden On A Budget

The following video shows how bad the front garden was when I took the house on last year. Trust me when I say the back was MUCH worse.

Since then, I have had the front door on the house replaced. I’ve also fixed the gate and loose sense panels. I opted to just patch up the existing panels rather than buying new, as I am getting a driveway installed as soon as possible. I’ve already been in touch with a couple of local companies for ballpark figures onĀ resin driveway cost, so hopefully it’ll happen before the end of the year!

Last week, I set about painting all of the fence panels, so they looked less of an eyesore. (I found the fence paint in the shed, so I didn’t have to go out for it). I have managed to get hold of masonry and wood and metal paint online too. So that means I can refresh the tired fence posts, the cream brickwork and paint the new front door and metal gates.

Gardening Isn’t My Thing

Regular readers will know I am always 100% honest with my readers and followers. So I must confess that gardening is definitely not something I enjoy. Unfortunately, the grass is a complete state, so I do need to dig it all out, turn over the soil and replace it. The question is, do I opt for grass seeds or just pay for turf? It seems silly to spend money on turf when I plan to get rid of 2/3 of the grass soon, so I’ll probably go with seeds.

It’ll come as no surprise that I have budgeted well enough to be able to pay a gardener. One of the main reasons I’m opting for a gardener is that I don’t own a decent lawn mower or trimmer. So it’s less outlay to pay someone monthly to do it for me. (Plus, I don’t have to do it then). Admittedly, there’s not much garden for him to maintain just yet, but it won’t be long!

Updating The Front Garden On A Budget - lawn mower on long grass

I am going to dig out the borders which my grandparents loved for decades though, and will plant those back up once I can get out for supplies. In the meantime, I guess digging over the front will keep me busy and count as some exercise each day.

The Back Garden Of Doom

Bringing the front garden up to an acceptable standard will be super easy compared to the back. I spent last weekend out there and managed to chop everything up enough to pile it around the edges of the garden as a makeshift fence. The plan was to pay someone to take it to the tip for me, but they are still closed, so that’ll have to wait. I may yet burn some of it, as I do have an incinerator, so we’ll see.

The back garden has loads (and I mean loads) of brambles and bushes sprouting out of the lawn. So I’ll have my work cut out getting those dug out. Unfortunately, having two boxer dogs at home means the garden needs to be dog proof. So I’m torn between getting the back paved or saving for artificial grass. It’s a dilemma. For now though, wish me luck on updating the front garden on a budget.


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