Studies show that around 70% of people who smoke would like to give it up. Many have tried to do so repeatedly. Only to fail as soon as they go to a bar, party or another social occasion. This is partly because they began by being social smokers. As a result, lighting up became an integral part of going out with friends and family. With that in mind, today I’m discussing gadgets and tech that can help you to quit smoking. Read on to find out what’s new. 

Gadgets and tech that can help you to quit smoking

Eventually, due to a growing dependence on nicotine, they ended up smoking at other times. So, oddly, now is a potentially good time to give quitting another go. Social distancing means that it is far easier to avoid the social settings that trigger the urge to smoke. Plus, there are some really great gadgets you can use to improve your chances.

Try vaping to help you quit smoking

Vaping instead of smoking has proven to be a surprisingly effective way to quit.
Choosing a vape pen and an e-liquid flavour only takes a few minutes. Once it all arrives you can swap your cigarettes for a vape pen immediately. Later, you can try other vaping products that are primarily designed to help you to relax. 

Something that will further help you to resist the urge to start smoking again. But before you try these products, do a little research to doublecheck that they are suitable for you to use. My ex husband shared his experience of vaping on my blog. You can read it here.

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The QuitKey keyring

Most people who successfully quit smoking do so cold turkey. They set a date, throw their cigarettes away and switch to something like vaping or nicotine patches. But this approach does not work for everyone. 

The QuitKey keyring is a little device that is designed to gradually wean you off of cigarettes. It uses a scientifically proven algorithm to provide you with a plan that is tailored plan to help you to gradually cut back.

The Quitbit smart lighter

If you are trying to cut back, keeping track of how you are doing is tricky. It is all too easy to lull yourself into a false sense of security and think you are doing better than you actually are. The Quitbit smart lighter ensures that does not happen. Each time you use it to light up that fact is recorded. There is also a timer on the display that you can program to tell you when you can have your next cigarette. You just need to gradually extend that time to gently wean yourself off of nicotine. 

Other options

There are many more options, which I have not mentioned here. In part, because some of them are quite radical. For example, the Pavlok watch that gives you a mild electric shock every time you go to light up. Or the auricular acupuncture device, which studies indicate may be an effective way for some people to quit smoking. They are all interesting, but before deciding whether to use them or not, you would need to do a fair amount of research. Something that is relatively easy to do online. Finally, check out the NHS website for more ideas and methods which can help you to quit smoking. 

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