We have slowly but surely been updating our garden over the last 2 Summers. Last year saw us remove the old, tired decking and replace it with a new brick patio and path. This year, we are hoping to pull down the old, run down Summer House and decking at the bottom of the garden and get some artificial grass down to replace the ugly gravel. With this in mind, I have been working out my garden furniture wish list.¬†Our Son, Sam is 7 now and has Autism. He absolutely needs his trampoline, so that will definitely be staying. Aside from that, we will be getting rid of the rest of the tat the garden is currently littered with. I can’t say I’ll be sad to say goodbye to the space hoppers, plastic den, rickety slide or rusty bikes.

Garden furniture wish list

The item at the top of my wish list is somewhere for us to sit and dine alfresco as a family. The Modena Dining Set from Cox and Cox really caught my eye. I love that the chairs have solid seats and backrests, I hate it when there’s a gap between the two. The table isn’t massive either, so it won’t overpower our standard sized, new build garden. What do you think?

garden furniture wish list - patio table and chairs

The next item I am really hoping to add to our garden is a decent swing seat. We have a lovely big Silver Birch Tree in our garden, and I love to watch its branches and leaves sway in the evening sunlight. There’s something amazingly soothing about it. We’ve had a cheap one for years, and while it’s served its purpose, its not very nice to look at, and isn’t the comfiest place to sit. If money was no object, I’d definitely go for one like this…


Garden lighting is an essential feature for me, too. I’m not a fan of bright lights in the evening. Soft lighting is definitely more my style. These Stone Effect Boulders from Cox and Cox match the Modena Dining Set, and blend seamlessly into the garden design when not lit, too – do you like them?

garden furniture wish list - lighting

That’s pretty much it on the furniture wish list for now. Aside from a hot tub to help with hubby’s arthritis and Sam’s hyper-mobility, anyway. Have you got anything exciting planned for your garden this year?

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