Today, I am sharing 5 hacks to dog proof your garden. We’ve had our 2 boxer dogs for getting on two years now. During that time, we’ve had some massive garden fails. On the back of those, I have come up with some great hacks to dog proof your garden.

5 Hacks To Dog Proof Your Garden

Chances are, if you’ve found this post via Pinterest or a search engine, you’re looking for some ideas of ways to dog proof your garden. Before I share the sharing 5 hacks to dog proof your garden, I want to explain a little about my own dogs and garden…

Firstly, I own two boxer dogs. They are almost 2 years old now, so love to run riot and tear up our outdoor space. Secondly, our garden is a mess. We’re busy saving up to get it sorted asap, but life keeps happening and other things take priority. While we are saving, I have been busily looking for tips and ideas to help prevent the garden from being destroyed, as soon as it’s completed.

1). Avoid Toxic Products

It sounds simple, but avoiding chemical fertilisers, pesticides and weedkillers is an absolute must for all dog owners. Snail and slug pellets are best avoided too. That’s not all though – there’s a massive list of plants which are toxic to dogs. These are some of the plants best avoided if you have dogs. Or at least kept out of their reach in a fenced off area…

a list of plants which are toxic to dogs

2). Have A Dog Wash Zone

I was reading Garden Tool Box last week, and they mentioned using the softest spray on the water spray gun to clean your dog. If you don’t have an outdoor tap, it’s definitely worth considering getting on installed for when you return home from walks, covered in mud. A hose pipe Ruth a spray nozzle is also great for getting rid of poo residue from your patio area.

3). Plant Marigolds To Deter Dogs From Digging

Most dogs hate the smell of marigolds, and will keep well away from them. If you want to keep your flower beds in tact, plant plenty of Marigolds. Other plants which dogs avoid include: rosemary, lavender, chives, chilli pepper, mustard plant, citronella, and lemon grass. So why not add some of these among your other plants, to deter your dog from digging up your prize shrubs.

Yellow Marigolds with the sky behind.

4). Have A Designated Poop Zone

Our garden is pretty large, and it can be difficult to spot all of the dog mess amongst the kids toys and the plants. We have got a patio area immediately outside our back door. Our plan is to add a 4 foot fence at the end of this, which will keep the dogs enclosed there at night and early in the morning when we aren’t with them in the garden. The idea is, it’ll be easy to spot and pick up all of their poo, quickly… Before the kids go to play outside. It’s a great idea to compost your dog’s poop too – But don’t use that compost on anything you intend on eating!

5). Storage Storage Storage!

If your dogs (like mine) tend to destroy stuff, make sure you have suitable storage solutions. A well placed storage bench is perfect for quick and easy cushion storage, or additional fold away chairs. This is a great option if you don’t have space for a shed.

pinterest pin showing 2 boxer dogs sat on grass, and the text: 5 Hacks To Dog Proof Your Garden

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