Today, I’m sharing some car travelling with kids hacks. With Easter already behind us, this year feels as though it’s speeding by! And with the gorgeous warm weather we’ve been lucky to have over the Easter break, many of us are already looking forward to our next big break and of course I mean – the much anticipated summer holiday!

However, studies have shown that many parents feel anxious and nervous when it comes to travelling with their young children. It seemingly all boils down to being unable to pacify and comfort them properly when they’re stressed, upset or just bored. MY kids are almost 7 and 8 now. So I have got a few car travelling with kids hacks up my sleeve!

Car Travelling With Kids Hacks

It’s not easy being strapped into a car seat for hours on end. Even if you do get out to use the bathroom at every service station along the motorway. So, with all this in mind I’ve rounded up 5 ways you can keep your little ones happy and occupied for what will feel like the longest car journey ever. Good luck!

Crack out the colouring

This old family favourite just works. Although there’s no need to worry about finding room for those big bulky colouring books. Simply get the kids to choose some colouring pages from the internet and print them off. You can compare Epson cartridge prices here to make it as cost effective as possible. Don’t forget to bring along a little pencil case and a clip board for them each to lean on, while they get creative. Once they’ve coloured til their hearts’ content, break out a writing pad or two. Getting them to draw what they’re looking forward to the most on the holiday is a fab idea. This will certainly pass the time.

Car Travelling With Kids Hacks

Put together a playlist

Don’t rely on the radio for entertainment whilst you’re travelling. Let the kids help you put together a playlist of everyone’s favourite songs to play on the road. Fill it with songs everyone can sing along to, from pop legends to party classics. Adding things like the times tables is a great way to get them to concentrate and sing along. It’ll keep their minds busy and they’ll learn as they sing. Try to use this towards the last leg of your journey… Baby Shark on a loop for 5 hours isn’t fun for anyone…

Alternatively, try an audiobook

Many children get car sick when they try to read in a moving vehicle (I know my daughter does!) So try downloading a couple of audiobooks for the journey. Again, get the kids involved and let them choose a couple of short stories each. You’ll be amazed how quiet the car goes when the narrator starts setting the scene.

Make a travel pack

Putting together a little travel pack for them is great fun. A small bag filled with some of their favourite toys from home. You can even add a couple of new ones as a treat for good behaviour. Pop in some stickers, maybe a magazine and some sweet treats too. The travel pack will keep them super busy for ages. This is one of my favourite car travelling with kids hacks.

Don’t be afraid of tech

We’re all wary of letting the kids have too much screen time. But don’t be afraid to relax the rules a little, especially if you’re stuck in traffic or the drive is particularly stressful. Let them know that this is a treat and they’ll be happy enough with that!

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