My friends and I used to party every weekend without fail. Monday to Thursday were about working or studying, but Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights were all about getting dressed up, dancing and having fun. We’d frequently sing silly songs, including Bingo Was Her Name-o. Every Friday night, we’d assemble at my house, drink, get ready and laugh about our recent adventures. We’d go out, dance, laugh some more and then crash out at my house afterwards.

We’d spend the next morning feeling rough, then go and do it all over again on Saturday night, and usually Sunday afternoon as well.

THEN WE HAD KIDS! Now I sing Bingo Was Her Name-o to them!

Now, we are lucky if we manage to sort childcare for one evening out a month. So that’s usually “spent” on a quiet meal, or a trip to a bingo hall.

I opened my email inbox today and the first subject line to catch my eye said, “Find out what the top bingo sites are“. Ten years ago, I’d have deleted that email and laughed about it with my friends as we got ready to party. Today, I forwarded it to them. Seriously. What has happened to me?!

woman on phone - sending Bingo Was Her Name-o to friend
We used to laugh about my parents getting dressed up for a night at the bingo. Now I am a regular. I remember singing “and bingo was her name-o” about my mum…. I play more than she does these days!

Now…. Do I take this realisation on the chin and proudly flash my bingo membership cards to the world? Or do I pretend I’m still down with the kids and dust off my dancing shoes? (I may have to wait a few months to actually wear them though… My best friend is 9 months pregnant and I suspect she will disown me if I go out dancing without her)!

Until then…. Maybe I’ll set up an online girls’ night in – Pyjamas, hot chocolate and some online bingo while we laugh our socks off… Who says bingo’s boring?

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