This time next week, we’ll be enjoying a weekend away at Ribby Hall Village – a luxury 5 star holiday village, not far from Blackpool. We are set to arrive the day after Sam’s 4th birthday, then on the Sunday, it’s mine and hubby’s 5th wedding anniversary. We are hoping to squeeze in a bit of celebrating while we are there! Read on to hear more about our Ribby Hall plans. Sam has low functioning autism, so busy, loud areas are usually difficult for him to handle. We are going to go with the flow for the most part, and just see what happens while we are away. We do have some plans in mind though…

Our Ribby Hall plans

Yesterday, I spent an hour showing the kids the website, and telling them about some of the activities they can do. I thought I’d share some of the things we are planning on doing when we are there, and some of Sydney’s responses to the activities I suggested she might like to try…


The swimming pool is definitely on our “to do” list. It opens at 8am, so I predict early morning swims for us, before the crowds descend. I love the fact you can pre book your slot in the pool, so you know you’ll definitely get in at your chosen time. Sydney loves water slides, so she was very excited by this image on the Ribby Hall website!

our Ribby Hall plans - Swimming

I was really pleased to see there’s lots of indoor as well as outdoor activities on site. Sunshine isn’t something you can rely on in the North West of England, so we’ve not made any cast iron plans, as we intend to make the most of the outdoor space – weather permitting!

Adventure Playground

If it’s warm and dry enough, the new outdoor adventure playground will definitely be somewhere we visit. Sam and Syd both love being outdoors, so the nature trail is also something we’ll be keen to try. I suggested to Sydney that she could try Horse Riding if she wanted to, and her response had me laughing out loud… “Horsey go swimming with me on holiday” – I hope it doesn’t take her swimming in the lake!

Boat Hire

our Ribby Hall plans - Lake

There are boats available to hire, but I don’t think I’m brave enough to take Sam on those yet. He would almost certainly try to go swimming with the fish – he’s a total water baby! Sydney would probably love it though, so I may well take her out – weather permitting!


I think the thing I am most hoping for is the weather being nice enough to enjoy picnics in the sunshine. The new adventure playground, woodland trail and village garden all sound like fab spots to enjoy some family time together. We are also crossing our fingers that it is nice enough to head off site to visit the beach at St Anne’s while we are away. The kids haven’t really played on the beach much, so this is high up our to do list as well. Weather permitting of course.

our Ribby Hall plans - picnics

Organised Kids Activities

It looks like there’s plenty of stuff we can get up to if the weather isn’t playing nicely though. Syd has already said she wants to do the Playdoh session, toddler craft session, soft play, messy time and the party time session as well. Poor Hubby is going to have his work cut out taking her to all these sessions while Sam and I relax! I like the sound of our Ribby Hall plans so far – don’t you?

Eating Out

I was VERY relieved to hear there’s a Starbucks on site – We all know I’m a caffeine junkie, and given the fact Sam usually sleeps less than usual when we are away, I’m bound to be a regular there by the end of the weekend! The eateries sound like they offer something for everyone – There’s a Tearoom, Bar and Grill, Tapas Bar, a Restaurant and cocktail bar, as well as the Clubhouse (which is right by the boating lake).

There’s also the Supermarket if you prefer to prepare your own meals. Sam’s a really fussy eater, so we will probably eat in our cottage most evenings. The young persons menu in the Restaurant and in the Bar & Grill do actually have a good range of options though – including veggie meals.

If you follow me on social media, brace yourself for lots of holiday spam next weekend. I will be using the #RibbyMoments hashtag a lot during our break, and sharing our Ribby Hall experience as an autism family.

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