A Good Day

Life with two toddlers is crazy. Most days feel like one long battle, with tantrum after tantrum leave me feeling very drained by the time they are asleep.

Today has been different. Today has definitely been a good day! They don’t happen very often; but when they do, I am reminded just how much I love being Batman & Robyn’s Mummy. 

Syd has spent most of the past 4 days screaming whenever I have been more than a foot away from her. Today, she went off and played at playgroup, leaving me to actually have a chat with one of the other playgroup mums, without her swinging from my legs! She came back over every few minutes to say “Hiya mama” and give my leg a quick cuddle, but this was huge progress for her.

This afternoon, I took the kids to pick up my Mum, then we all went to soft play. The kids both napped in the car, so they were in great moods when we arrived at the soft play centre. Sam immediately went off exploring the area. He was so smiley and giddy, it was amazing to see. He kept running back to me for hugs and kisses!

Syd loved having her big brother with her. She spent ages following him around, equally giddy! After a while, I went to the upper level of the toddler soft play section. They both followed me up nicely, and Syd even clapped for Sam when he got to the top. The pair of them didn’t scrap once (which is unheard of – they are usually pushing each other over almost constantly).

They took it in turns going down the slides, and Syd repeatedly clapped for Sam when he’d done something to impress her. At one point, my mum was passing balls up to Syd on the upper level, who was then passing them to Sam for him to roll them down the slide! (They even said “Ta” with each pass of a ball. It was pretty quiet in there today, but my two were definitely amongst the best behaved kids.

Even when it was time to leave, they both held my hands and walked out of the soft play centre, back to the car without any tantrums! Seriously. They were so well behaved, I am beginning to wonder if they were abducted by aliens overnight, or something! Once we got back home, the good behaviour continued (mostly)!

They are both asleep now, and I can honestly say that I can’t remember any other day which was as stress free as today has been. It was just what the doctor ordered! 

Now… if they’d let me have a full night’s sleep, I’d be the happiest mama in the world… ever!

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